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Practitioners Arrested and Their Homes Ransacked in Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia

(Clearwisdom.net) Numerous practitioners have been arrested and their homes ransacked in Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia. Practitioners Ms. Fan Xiaoli, Ms. Guo Shulan, and Ms. Yang Fenglan are currently detained at the Hexi Detention Center.

In April 2008, the Tongliao City Police Department, Ke District Police Department, Domestic Security Division, several police stations, and CCP personnel from neighborhood administrations made a coordinated effort to conduct a so-called "secret check-up" on local practitioners. They phoned or visited them, using the excuses of address verification, low income assistance registration, or providing job opportunities. On May 30, they began wide-spread arrests.

On the morning of May 30, 2008, CCP personnel arrested practitioners Ms. Fan Xiaoli and Ms. Guo Shulan. They ransacked the home of Ms. Fan Xiaoli and her parents. They took away large amounts of truth clarification materials and a large satellite dish. Police from the Domestic Security Division and other related personnel ransacked the home and confiscated all of their Falun Dafa books, disregarding the fact that Ms. Fan's parents are over seventy years old.

The police then surrounded the home of a female practitioner surnamed Zhang. However, no one would come out. The next day, they arrived with four or five locksmiths, broke in after picking the lock, and arrested this practitioner.

Practitioner Ms. Yang Fenglan was arrested again and her home was ransacked. A large quantity of equipment and materials for promoting Falun Dafa was confiscated. Also in recent days, a couple of female practitioners around seventy years old were also arrested for no reason. According to reports, they have now returned to their homes.

The units that participated in the persecution include the Tongliao City Police Department, Ke District Police Department, 610 Office in Ke District, Domestic Security Division, Yongqing Community Police Station, Ximen Street Police Station, Huolin City Police Station, and others.

Domestic Security Division of Ke District Police Department, Tongliao City:

Leader Wang Bo (male) 86-13947540101 (Cell), 86-475-2212020 (Home)
Leader Guan Zhen'gang (male): 86-13087151102 (Cell)

Tongliao City "610 Office":

Zhang Liming (male): 86-13804750007 (Cell), 86-475-8268186 (Home)
Guard Section, Hexi Detention Center, Ke District 86-475-8610965
Leader: Shan Jun (male): 86-475-8610965 (Office), 86-475-8250101 (Home), 86-13904752219 (Cell)

Posting date: 6/14/2008
Original article date: 6/14/2008
Category: Eyewitness Accounts
Chinese version available at http://minghui.ca/mh/articles/2008/6/7/179862.html

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