Clearwisdom Search Engine


Tips for searching the English translation of a Chinese Minghui Net article:

(1) If the URL of the Chinese article is 
search "7526.html" or "7526".

(2) If you found nothing by doing (1), try to find a unique word in the Chinese article, e.g. the pinyin of a person's name, and search this unique word.

Advanced search options:

You can use Boolean searching syntax to narrow your search results. Here are some examples:

1. If you type below text in your search box:

chen zixiu wall street journal

it means “to find all articles containing all of below words: 'chen' AND 'zixiu' AND 'wall' AND 'street' AND 'journal' in any order (all searches are case insensitive, so it doesn't matter if you use 'Wall Street' or 'wall street').”

2. You can use quotation marks for exact phrase match:

chen zixiu "wall street journal"

The above search results in articles containing "chen" AND "zixiu" AND "wall street journal".

3. You can perform searches on the title/subtitle/author/content fields.  The default is to search the term in all fields.

chen zixiu @title "wall street journal"

The above search will find all articles containing "chen" anywhere AND "zixiu" anywhere AND having the exact phrase "wall street journal" in their titles.

Use @title followed by a term (a word or a quoted phrase) for title match; Similarly, you can use @subtitle / @author / @content followed by a term for article subtitle/author/content match.

4. Besides space character or symbol "&" for Boolean "AND", you can use below Boolean operators:

 "-" for negative match, and "|" for "OR" match.

Searching text below

zixiu @title "wall street journal" | @title WSJ  @title -asia

will return articles containing "zixiu" anywhere, AND  ("wall street journal" in title OR "WSJ" in title), AND NOT having the word "asia" in title.

Please note the operator "|" ("OR") has higher priority, so we use parenthesis in the above explanation to emphasize this, although the search syntax itself doesn't support parenthesis.