(Clearwisdom.net) Today, when I read the character for "ding" (tranquility), I suddenly enlightened to some principles.

Since I started cultivating, I have seldom reached the state of tranquility. While reading the Fa and doing the exercises, I have not been able to reach the state of stillness that Teacher has talked about. Thus, I have felt frustrated, knowing that my mind is so active because I have a lot of attachments. However, as long as we are cultivating in the human world, we will have human mentalities, human attachments, and we will have tests to overcome on the paths we must walk. I know that tranquility cannot be obtained through desire or pursuit. Instead, it is achieved naturally, as one lets go of attachments.

Concentration is a specific state of tranquility. Concentration can manifest in many ways, including doing well the three things; being tranquil while studying the Fa; being able to conquer any interference, such as sleepiness; being able to assimilate to the Fa; being able to cleanse one's own dimensions before sending forth righteous thoughts; and having a strong main consciousness with strong, correct thoughts, and a strong energy field. When I have only the thought of saving people during truth clarification, the supreme power of concentration can suppress any interference around me.

In fact, many practitioners have experienced miracles through steadfast cultivation and firm confidence in the Fa.