(Clearwisdom.net) On May 13, 2008, Falun Gong practitioners Ms. Zhang Xiulan, Ms. Zhang Xiuchun, and four other people, including their parents, from Xining City, Qinghai Province, were arrested by police officers from Chaoyang Police Station after the officers broke into their home. Ms. Zhang Xiulan is still detained but the others have been released.

Ms. Zhang Xiulan, in her 50s, is a retiree from Xining Special Steel Co., LTD. She lives in the Xiyuan subdivision at Xining Special Steel Co., LTD Residential Quarters in Xining City, Qinghai Province. On May 13, Ms. Zhang Xiulan; her younger sister, Ms. Zhang Xiuchun; and practitioner Ms. Xiao Ruan went to see Ms. Zhang Xiulan's parents in the Shanchuan Residential Quarters. About an hour later, police officers from the Chaoyang Police Station in Chengbei District, Xining City, knocked at the door and claimed they would "look up" the registered permanent residents' documents. The practitioners didn't open the door at that time. One hour later, an older practitioner, Mr. Zhang Fu, who lives in Shanchuan subdivision, decided to go home and eat. When he opened the door, the police officers barged in. All six people were taken to the Chaoyang Police Station. The officers ransacked the homes of Ms. Zhang Xiulan, Ms. Zhang Xiuchun, and Ms. Xiao Ruan. They stole one computer, one printer, Falun Dafa books, truth-clarification materials, and copy paper from Ms. Zhang Xiulan's home.

Mr. Zhang Fu, 70, had been detained at a forced labor camp. Ms. Zhang Xiulan's parents are in their 70s, and her father has diabetes and was hospitalized multiple times. Due to the persistent requests from his relatives, Ms. Zhang Xiulan's father was released on the morning of May 14.

Ms. Zhang Xiulan is still being held in the Ershilipu Detention Center. The other people were released after being detained for 48 hours. Ms. Zhang Xiulan's husband, who works for Xining Special Steel Co., LTD, has a serious heart problem, and no one is currently taking care of him.

Participants in the persecution:

Division 20 of Qinghai Province Police Department (610 Office)
Tian Yuzhu, deputy division head: 86-971-8293152 (Office), 86-13519733838 (Cell)
Duojiecairang, head of Section 1: 86-971-8293181 (Office)
An Shouwei, head of Section 2: 86-971-8293185 (Office), 86-971-8292671 (Home)
Zhang Zhongran: 86-971-8293183 (Office), 86-971-8251101 (Home)

Chaoyang police station, Chengbei Distric Police Department, Xining City
Zhao Xiaolong, director: 86-13389717979 (Cell)
Surname Huo, deputy director: 86-13389717278 (Cell)
Ma Huaning, police officer: 86-13389717975 (Cell)

May 30, 2008