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    (3) Celestial Eye and Enlightenment

Linger grew older and older. He went to school and was able to understand more things. By then, more and more practitioners started to help with truth-clarification materials production. With less and less pressure, I could pay more attention to Linger's cultivation.

As a Dafa disciple's parents in this human world, we not only need to help them start to practice, but we also need to help them accomplish their missions. Then, as Dafa practitioners who started to practice earlier than they, how can we help them?

On the one hand, we parents must be strict with ourselves. We need to consider things based on cultivation. Our words and actions are directly influencing our children. Our xinxing safeguards the environment for the children. On the other hand, when children are young, our Fa-study and doing the exercises will help them directly. As children grow older, we can tell them some stories that can help them upgrade their xinxing levels and become more enlightened. We also need to periodically remind them of Fa-study and doing the exercises, so that they can understand the Fa better. If we handle it well, the supernormal abilities that our children experience can help them understand the transformation of their physical body, as well as understand what is going on in other dimensions. In this way, the children will motivate themselves with Fa-study and doing the exercises.

A long time ago I already knew that my child's celestial eye was open. Considering he was still young and he was sometimes afraid, I read him some articles on how other children were following Teacher in other dimensions. Now when he feels afraid, he can see Teacher through his celestial eye and ask Teacher for help. I also reminded him to recite the Fa-rectification verse. Later I learned that he had seen many things in other dimensions. Linger thought that the things he saw through physical his eyes and his celestial eye were all real. Since they did not have a negative influence on him, he did not speak much of it. Teacher has also been caring for him.

When Linger was seven, I felt he needed to understand Dafa more deeply, so I chose the book Falun Gong.

During school breaks, everyday I read him one section of Falun Gong. At the beginning, he often interrupted me, asking the meaning of the words and how they were written, such as xinxing, "setting up a bodily crucible and furnace to make dan using gathered medicinal herbs" and "soundless telepathy." When I read to him like this, he felt unable to understand much and was still unclear. For example, when I showed him the second exercise, he could not last long and lacked interest. So I thought seeing things in other dimensions might stimulate his interest and help him become more enlightened. To avoid confusion and presumptions, I asked him to first see scenes of the paragraph that we would read next. When we read the text afterwards, he could understand more. Before doing things like this, I also considered if this was consistent with the Fa, and I asked Teacher to help us.

When we read "Opening the Third Eye" in Chapter I, I showed him the colorful picture in The Great Consummation Way of Falun Dafa. I also asked him to see the Falun in me and the Falun in him, as well as giving him some descriptions. When we read "The Falun's Function" and "The Falun's Configuration" in Chapter II, he was very interested. He could also understand Chapter I better.

Before studying the Fa together with me, he was sick for several days, just like me. I told him they were not illnesses, just karma. He was surprised that I did not take medicine. When we read "Hospital Treatment and Qigong Treatment" in Zhuan Falun, I asked him to take a look at his body and my body. He said his body was gray, with some black substance in the lower part, but it cleared after several days. My body was clear, but there was some black substance going down along the legs. He immediately came to understand that Falun was rectifying the body. Before studying Falun Gong, his appendix hurt a little bit. The pain stopped the next day.

When reading "The Fa Refines the Practitioner" in Chapter II, he did not understand the difference between the cultivation of Falun Gong and "dan-method qigong." I asked him to take a look at my energy passages, then his energy passages, and compare them to an everyday person's energy passages. This way, he would know the difference. I then showed him the third exercise. Later, he also came to understand the "Milky-White Body" and the "Pure-White Body."

By that time, his wisdom was opened. In fact, for many terms, he already knew and saw them even before we read them, although I was not aware of it. He came to understand Main Consciousness, Assistant Consciousness, and benti. When reading "The Falun Heavenly Circuit," I asked him to pay attention to the energy passages in his body, so he also understood that. From then on, every day he looked forward to Fa-study and sending forth righteous thoughts. When I asked him to do the exercises, he agreed. Everyday he was able to do the exercises for half an hour. He also liked to watch the flash movie made for young disciples. Before going to bed, he asked me to read the Fa to him and would not go to sleep until one section was finished.

(4) Study the Fa Together

Regarding Fa-study, at the beginning I wondered how to help him understand the Fa. Later, his cultivation status helped me a lot. We helped each other to validate Dafa.

When reading "Opening the Meridians" in Chapter 2, I asked Linger to observe the top of my head. Meanwhile, I was thinking for Linger to see things he was supposed to see. Linger closed his eyes, then opened them. He was surprised at what he saw: "There are three flowers above your head, this big."

I asked him, "What kind of flowers?" He said, "One is a lotus flower. The other two I do not know. Each flower has a cylinder of light. They are all rotating. This way and that way."

I asked him, "Can you take a look of the top of your own head?" He was very excited, "Above my head, there are also such three flowers. They are also rotating, but they are smaller."

During the entire process of studying Falun Gong, the scenes Linger saw were the same as described in the book. As we continued to read together, I first asked him to see using his celestial eye and reminded him where to look, without telling him what he should or would see. Every time, what he saw matched well with what he would read next. Many of the words he used were the same as those in the book.

With the foundation laid in the previous two chapters, for Chapter 3 "Cultivation of Character," I thought some stories might help Linger understand. After seeing what the white substance and the black substance were, he would have better understanding of xinxing, Loss and Gain, karma, and Cultivation of Mind and Body.

Nowadays, children are easily contaminated by the surrounding environment. Linger is peaceful by nature. Even when he was less than three months old, he did not like aggressive or violent behavior in adults. In kindergarten, he was afraid and did not like kindergarten teachers' aggressive words. Later, he surprisingly started to mimic such behaviors and to behave aggressively (which once made him afraid) towards other people. He did not like us helping other children. When the pressure of school was too great, he found ways to lie.

Ever since he was young, whenever he did something wrong, he suffered for it. For example, sometimes dust got into his eye or he fell on the ground. I told him, "Buddhas are omnipresent." I also told him that, after one does bad things, he accumulates black substances and will be punished to eliminate karma. When studying Chapter 3 "Cultivation of Character," based on things that he did well and things he did not do well, I talked with him about the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance". We also discussed the attachment of jealousy and other attachments. I also read him some articles written by young disciples on jealousy.

Linger gets along well with other children, and they like him. Sometimes, however, they had conflicts when they played together. So I told him the story about how Han Xin was humiliated, so that he could understand what tolerance is. I reminded him to be tolerant at school, when playing with others, during tribulations, when eliminating karma, etc. This helped him to better understand the relationship between loss and gain and the transformation between de and karma. He also came to understand that forbearance is critical for one to improving xinxing.

I read Falun Gong to him chapter by chapter and told him to maintain righteous thoughts during tribulations and other unpleasant occasions. I also told him, "We have said that good or evil comes from a person's spontaneous thought, and the thought at that moment can bring about different consequences." (Zhuan Falun) He then said that he had always been careful when walking on the street, but once he was knocked down by a car when he was walking down a street with stores on both sides. The driver of the car was very afraid, helping him to stand up and asking how he felt. My son brushed the dirt of his clothes, said he was all right, and left. Looking at his childish face, I was impressed that this had happened six months before and he never told me about it. It seems he indeed had little of the notions of an adult. In fact, he had been paying attention when he listened in the past to Teacher's Lecture in Dalian or to Zhuan Falun.

A child's mind is relatively pure, although children tend to move around a great deal. Since these children came for the Fa, it takes less time for them to reach tranquility than adults. Because adults have more attachments, it takes a longer time and more processes for them to reach this step, which is also dependent on how much they can let go of attachments.

Linger also noticed that, when we read Teacher's articles, the light and gong inside us are also enlarging. When we have a thought to taking care of beings inside us, he saw Cultivated Infants and other life forms are also listening to the Fa.

During the days when Linger studied Falun Gong with me, actually every step was closely related to our cultivation. What he saw in his celestial eye matched very well with what we read in the book. Although my experience prior to cultivation allowed me to believe every word in Zhuan Falun, and I felt very fortunate to be able to cultivate, I still felt some gap between me and Teacher's requirements for us. After listening to fellow practitioners' sharing and witnessing the cultivation process with Linger, I was touched deeply in my heart. Righteous thoughts and righteous belief are beyond description.

I think that, when fellow practitioners read these articles, they will have better understandings when studying the Fa or reciting the Fa. We cannot just consider ourselves as everyday people. Instead we need to think like mighty Buddhas, Daos, and gods.

Here I also want to remind everyone that, if, after reading this article, certain practitioners want to have others observe their cultivation status or interfere with young disciples' cultivation, that was not my intention.

(5) Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts with Young Disciples

When I started to study the Fa with Linger, I asked him to send forth righteous thoughts with me. Later, with further understanding of the Fa, he was able to do the sitting meditation longer.

The first time I asked him to recite the verse for sending forth righteous thoughts and also suggested that he watch in other dimensions. But he was a little afraid, and I did not pay it much attention. In middle of the night, Linger suddenly cried out. He was scared and hugged me. But he still seemed unable to get away from the fear, so he covered his eyes with both hands and wanted to hide. I woke him up and asked him to look at me. He looked at me and soon slept. The next day, I asked him what had happened, but he could not remember. Since in the first few days, he was frightened and woke up, I asked him to take a look at the protective screen around us and around our house. I also told him to not be afraid, because Teacher was protecting us.

After the second day of Fa-study, we sent forth righteous thoughts and I asked him to take a look at our house. After sending forth righteous thoughts, he said he saw several strange, small beasts. He was afraid. However, those beasts were gone once he recited the verses to send forth righteous thoughts.

On the third day, after Fa-study, we sent forth righteous thoughts again. I reminded him to ask Teacher for help when he felt afraid. But several minutes later, Linger started to cry with both hands covering his eyes. I asked him what happened. He said he saw a giant beast which was so big that he couldn't see its entire body. I told him to close eyes, but he was afraid. I then asked him to look around. He said there were many of Teacher's Fashen. I then reminded him to consider himself very large, and consider himself as a Dafa disciple while focusing on reciting the verses. He was still a little afraid but agreed to close his eyes. I said to him that Teacher was helping him and that I, as well as other righteous gods, were also helping him. He nodded and calmed down. After sending righteous thoughts, he could not resist telling me what happened. As he was reciting the verses, he felt himself become bigger and bigger. The beast became smaller and smaller. In the end, Teacher helped him eliminate the beast.

Then I asked him to take a look when I was sending forth righteous thoughts. At that time, Linger had not yet studied Teacher's articles on sending forth righteous thoughts, so I recited the verses. When I was quietly reciting the word Mie, he said my body became bigger and bigger with shining golden light. Later I told him, "The force of your thoughts needs to be focused and strong, with an air of supremacy and of destroying all evil in the cosmos." ("Righteous Thoughts") He was no longer afraid. When starting to send forth righteous thoughts again, he searched around for evil beings to eliminate them. When he felt that it was hard to handle, he asked Teacher for help, and Teacher helped. In fact, after this, he was not afraid any more, nor did he wake up from fright.

After learning that every life form has a spirit, Linger told me a story. Once when he had just started to send forth righteous thoughts, a plant nearby wanted to speak with him. He told the plant, "I am sending forth righteous thoughts now. Please do not disturb me." I said he did the right thing. On other occasions, he can also tells beings, "Falun Dafa is good."

Linger's celestial eye is open, and there is also difficulty cultivating that way. I also wonder whether Linger can cultivate well when I am not around. In Falun Gong, some practitioners have asked questions like, "Will it have any impact on a child if his Tianmu is opened?" "Does an open Tianmu release energy?" or "Can we tell others if we have developed supernormal capabilities?" I hope practitioners pay attention to Teacher's reply.

Early this year, I read on Minghui (the Chinese version of Clearwisdom) that some practitioners in China were experiencing severe illness karma. When Linger was sending forth righteous thoughts, he saw many strange beasts of various sizes, but all of them were related to the CCP. Another practitioner with his celestial eye open also saw that large, strange beasts have rushed into this dimension recently. When sending forth righteous thoughts, Linger found a large number of beasts. He saw me emitting a giant Falun, which drove the beasts together. Later, the beasts shrank and were eliminated.

After I told Linger the meaning of quitting the CCP and its affiliated organizations, he often went to eliminate evil around the residences of everyday people. I have a relative that has retired and watches television or listens to the radio everyday. Although he knew some truth about Dafa and knew Dafa was wronged, he did not want to quit the CCP due to the propaganda. One day when sending forth righteous thoughts, Linger saw many beasts in that relative's home and they even went in and out of his head. When this relative was watching television, there were many beasts surrounding him. When Linger eliminated the beasts, some of them went into the relative's head and hid. Linger said it was hard to completely eliminate the beasts since that relative had many CCP books. Nonetheless, with their spouse's help, that relative later decided to quit the CCP.

Once after studying Falun Gong, I sent forth righteous thoughts by myself. Linger said that, when first cleaning myself, it seemed there were many brushes brushing me and as if water was cleaning me. When I erected my hand Linger said I had several heads and many arms reaching very far, with hands emitting light and many Faluns to eliminate evil.

When practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts together globally, Linger saw many practitioners sitting on lotus platforms, emitting various forms of light. He said that the cosmos was gray before sending forth righteous thoughts. Then it was immersed in light emitted from Dafa practitioners. After sending forth righteous thoughts, the entire cosmos was clear.

Above is what two practitioners--Linger and I--have experienced after studying the Fa and improving together for more than three weeks. Recently, there were some articles in Clearwisdom talking about young disciples' cultivation, so I am also sharing my understandings here. Please point out anything inappropriate.