(Clearwisdom.net) On March 25, 2008, police from the Wanxin Police Station at Nankai District of Tianjin broke in and ransacked Falun Gong practitioner Geng Binkun's home in the Xiangyang Building, Hedong District. They took her away and then returned to arrest her husband. During the three days she was detained, she was not allowed to eat, drink, or sleep. She was sent back home after falling ill. Her husband, Liu Xinghui, is now being illegally held in the detention center of Nankai Police Department.

Ms. Geng Binkun, 64, had many diseases and could hardly survive before practicing Falun Gong. In 1996, she was quite lucky to practice Falun Gong and after one week of cultivation, all her diseases magically disappeared and she hasn't taken any medicine for 12 years.

On March 25, 2008, several policemen from Wanxin Police Station suddenly broke in and ransacked Geng Binkun's home and took away her Dafa books, printer, computer, truth clarification materials, 30 thousand yuan she had in the bank, cash, and some two hour tapes, etc. Geng Binkun's husband Liu Xinhui, 65, at that time had just returned home and was suddenly held to the ground by several policemen.

That same day, practitioner Liu Wenxiu, 76, was also arrested, and her home was ransacked.

The three practitioners were detained at the Nankai Detention Center in Tianjin. Geng Binkun and Liu Wenxiu were at risk because of failing health. People at the detention center dared not to take the responsibility and sent them back to Wanxing Police Station, but there was no place to hold them at the police station. They were released on bail, pending "trial."

Liu Xinhui was imprisoned at Nankai Detention Center for one month. He was to face "trial" on April 25.