(Clearwisdom.net) I obtained Dafa two years ago. All sorts of illnesses that I had all went away in a few months after I began my cultivation. I am thankful to Teacher and Dafa.

The practitioner who introduced me to Dafa brought me Zhuan Falun and Teacher's lectures at various places and other articles. I was elated and felt that I had obtained the most precious treasure. In the past two years, fellow practitioners promptly brought me "Clearwisdom Weekly", "Clearwisdom Weekly News", truth-clarification pamphlets, and DVDs. They helped me tremendously to understand the truth and cultivate diligently.

So that more people can learn the truth and be saved, I followed the footsteps of more experienced practitioners and gave the truth-clarification materials to my friends, relatives, and other people who have predestined relationships. In the past two years, I always happily accepted the materials from fellow practitioners, and passed them on to other people when I finished reading them, without giving it much thought.

Until one day, a colleague who had often read the materials that I had given to him asked me: "Let me ask you something. Where do you people get the funding for your activities?" Having no idea what he was asking at all, I asked: "What funding?" He said,"The money to make the DVDs and other materials." I didn't know the answer.

In the past two years, I eagerly looked forward to the practitioner's bringing me the materials each time when it was about time. I would then read them quickly, and passed them on to other sentient beings when I finished reading. "Really, where did the money to make them come from? How come I had never thought about it?"

Last week, I asked the practitioner when he delivered the materials to me. He said: "No one. No organization gave us a single penny. It all came from us practitioners ourselves. Falun Gong has been persecuted for eight years. Practitioners have been jailed, put in the forced labor camp, their homes ransacked; they are fined, or fired from their jobs, and their salary withheld. Financially they are all in a difficult situation Everyone lives frugally to save money to make the materials, so more people can be saved. Some elderly practitioners donated their living expenses their children had given them. Some young practitioners donated their gift money for the New Year or their pocket money. Some practitioners save up money from selling vegetables, morning snacks, or small goods. They endure the severe weather out on the street to make a few yuan and donate it. Sometimes we get donations from practitioners of nickel and dimes, whole piles of them. We all cannot help but shed tears when we see this at the information material center."

I was really muddleheaded not to have thought of this. In the past two years, the practitioner brought me a bunch of books and a ton of truth-clarification materials. I did not contribute a penny. I earn a stable salary, but I let the practitioners who were financially strapped to pay for these things for me. All my illnesses have gone. I have gained a lot from Dafa. But I did not return the favor. Isn't this unconscionable?

The next day, I brought two thousand yuan to the fellow practitioner's home. I respectfully handed him the money and asked him to take it to the information center, to make up for what I should have donated already. I could imagine the hardship of the practitioners in the information center. They needed to make the materials, buy supplies, maintain the equipment, and take care of their own regular day jobs. Besides, they were risking a lot doing this. All I did was just wait to read the materials. How can I not offer my financial support? It is the least that I could do.

I write this up, first of all, to express my regret, and secondly, I want to let those practitioners who were unaware of the situation know, lest they feel regretful later like I did.