(Clearwisdom.net) My deepest impression after studying Master's new article, "Clarification," is that Master takes care of us with his immense compassion. With only a few words, Master has expressed some deeper meaning. Previously, whenever Master published some short articles, I simply read them a few times to understand what the articles said literally, on the surface. I failed to comprehend the articles in a more profound way. Master has implanted the Fa in the articles. When we read them, we should have a deeper understanding. The more we read them, the deeper our understanding will be.

Many practitioners have discussed the topic of the Human Rights Torch Relay in their articles. Some practitioners have been persecuted for participating in the relay. Recently, a practitioner said that some policemen went to his residence, and asked whether Falun Gong had organized the Human Rights Torch Relay. Towards the end of the Fa-rectification period, practitioners should no longer be moved by the everyday matters of sentient beings. Sentient beings' activities, regardless of how noble they are, should not replace truth clarification. Practitioners inside China should be more clear minded. Some practitioners outside of China have participated in the relay, but they represented only themselves. They do not represent Dafa practitioners. We need to be careful with what we write and publish on our websites (including myself). Sometimes it is difficult not to connect practitioners with the Human Rights Torch Relay.

"Dafa disciples' working against the persecution is what takes place on the surface, but the reality is that these are acts of saving people, saving sentient beings." ("Clarification")

I am deeply impressed. For example, to rescue fellow practitioners, we write articles to expose the persecution of Dafa, and send forth righteous thoughts. But what is our goal? The goal of rescuing fellow practitioners is to clarify the truth of Dafa, and save sentient beings. Hence, our minds should not be limited to focusing on freeing fellow practitioners. Whoever persecutes Dafa practitioners will collect karma. Those who do not know the truth might develop some misunderstandings and oppose Dafa if they see practitioners being arrested. Even their family members and friends might miss their chance to be saved. In rescuing fellow practitioners, we are actually saving more people. We take the opportunity to help more people understand the truth of Dafa so that they will be saved. In addition, after fellow practitioners are rescued, they can play better roles in the salvation of sentient beings. It looks like we are opposing the persecution; however, as a matter of fact, we are saving people.