(Clearwisdom.net) There are quite a few practitioners in my area that have children who also practice Falun Gong. When we exchange cultivation insights, we often exchange our experiences in cultivating together with our children. There are discussions on this subject on Minghui.org (the Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net) from time to time. I would like to take this opportunity to share my cultivation insights as a parent, as well as those of my child and my experiences of validating the Fa in other dimensions. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate in my article.

Every Falun Gong Practitioner Has the Divine Power of the Buddha Fa

Since my son was born, I have been busy with clarifying the truth about Falun Gong in my area. At the time, the evil beings were rampant in every dimension in the Three Realms. Although I saw that my home, a truth-clarification materials production site, was protected by a golden shield and I was protected by Teacher's fashen and other righteous divine beings when I went out, the evil beings would stop at nothing to attack and damage our materials production site. In a dangerous environment like that, a cultivator is likely to fall prey to the evil's exploitation if he does not have a clear understanding of the Fa, if he fails to understand complicated situations or unexpected situations from the perspective of the Fa, if he lacks righteous thoughts, or if he fails to be vigilant.

Before I started to practice Falun Gong, I had received rigid training in the area of psychological analysis and pressure. Once I obtained the Fa, I felt I had become even more aware of and in control of each and every thought of mine. When the persecution of Falun Gong reached its peak, Teacher might have reduced or shut down our sensory capabilities, which I believe might be the reason why many practitioners were able to survive the most horrible tortures and abuses. Dozens of fellow practitioners producing truth-clarification materials in my area were arrested, detained and sent to prison or forced labor camp one after another. Several were tortured to death. In fact, there were frequent reports on Minghui.org of practitioners working at truth-clarification material sites being arrested and tortured to death. We were in grave danger. But we tried to avoid the horrible details or the severity of the tortures in the "Minghui Weekly" we produced. In retrospect, I have never felt overwhelming pressure or nervousness since the beginning of the persecution. I was always calm and I always had enough strength to handle everything. My only oversight was that I paid scant attention to the food and clothing situation of fellow practitioners at the truth-clarification sites. As I accepted more and more work to validate the Fa and as I expanded the area of outreach, I felt myself capable of withstanding more pressure. I felt I had developed a sharper intuition for everything as my energy field grew and expanded.

After I became responsible for a truth-clarification site, I was able to think systematically from the Fa and made detailed arrangements. Instead of simply copying fellow practitioners, I chose to guide my actions with the Fa. This may be the reason why I was able to think thoroughly and seriously about the work at the truth-clarification materials site, compared to some fellow practitioners. Now that I think of it, Teacher must have arranged my training in this discipline a long time ago. Fellow practitioners that have persevered in their cultivation practice diligently and stably to this day must be the ones that can relate to Teacher's enormous grace and to the magnificence of the Fa.

A non-cultivator, if riddled with the constant psychological pressure of working under adversity, is very likely to collapse mentally. Yet, since the beginning of the persecution, I have always felt tranquil and peaceful and never had any nightmares or any dreams at all. This is the reason why I have been able to remain mentally sharp and focused on my work. Even when all other fellow practitioners at the truth-clarification sites were being arrested, I was able to work alone without panicking. Because of my clean and clear mind I was able to enlighten to Teacher's hints and follow Teacher's arrangements. The work at the truth-clarification site was not delayed due to the loss of fellow practitioners. I feel that my near-death experience before I obtained the Fa and the experience of searching for the Fa have tempered me enough to endure the pressure from the persecution and to walk steadily on the path of validating the Fa, despite the fact that along the path may be lurking danger and traps set by the old forces.

At the beginning of the persecution, there were many traps and labyrinths embedded in the complicated interpersonal relationships with working colleagues, relatives and friends, the work at the truth-clarification materials production site, and the truth-clarification work with fellow practitioners. I felt as though even tree branches on the streets were hostile to me.

At first, I could sense imminent danger, interference, or attacks the evil beings created by manipulating people, my family or fellow practitioners. Actually, before a series of events explodes, the evil has to have made laid interconnected traps long beforehand. The evil beings often hide their wicked thoughts and poisonous attacks in the words of non-practitioners or fellow practitioners in a compromised cultivation state. Sometimes when a practitioner loses his or her composure or fails to guard his or her xinxing, he or she will be overcome with bad notions thus failing to prevail over the bad cultivation state. When this happens, the evil beings have already exploited his or her xinxing loopholes and trapped him or her in a demonic maze. One might not be able to detect a difference in such a practitioner on the surface, but the evil beings have already had him or her under siege in another dimension.

If we are able to persevere in our righteous faith in the Fa and search inward unconditionally, we will gradually enter tranquility again and the bad notion will stand out like a sore thumb. Then all those external conflicts will become relatively unimportant. Teacher said,

"Pacify the external by cultivating the internal" (Essentials for Further Advancement)

Conflicts in the external environment and situations will sort themselves out. I cannot stress enough the importance of having a clean and clear mind. Our wisdom and supernormal capabilities grow and function only when we have a clear and clean mind. Only when we have a clean and clear mentality will we be able to utilize the capabilities the Fa has given us to eradicate the evil beings in other dimensions that are roaming among non-practitioners and fellow practitioners. Only then can we safeguard our cultivation environment and prevent unnecessary losses.

I can see things with my celestial vision in very special circumstances. I think I am able to use some of my supernormal capabilities because I have had very strong, reliable intuition. At first, I thought it was just sheer intuition, but I didn't realize that it is a type of supernormal capability. In my clear and clean mind, I knew what I was supposed to do, but I was unable to explain logically to fellow practitioners why it must be done this way. It was not until it was over that it became clear to me why it had to be done this way. I discovered that such wisdom came from my understanding of the Fa. It is a manifestation of the internal wisdom a cultivator accumulates as his xinxing level elevates in his cultivation practice through clarifying the truth about Falun Gong.

As I become more considerate of fellow practitioners and more responsible for the one-body of practitioners, I become increasingly tolerant as well. I can feel my energy field expanding in my genuine cultivation practice. I can feel my wisdom and capabilities grow and I can "feel" the situation of the local truth-clarification sites and the local environment. At many pivotal moments, the supernormal capabilities Teacher has bestowed upon me allow me to overcome the evil's damages and reinforced my righteous faith in the Fa and my righteous thoughts.

In the extremely evil environment during the early stage of the persecution, I truly felt Teacher's protection at all times. Although I sustained injuries due to the persecution, the persecution has never gotten the better of me. They never succeeded despite their repeated attempts to destroy our local truth-clarification sites and interfere with our truth-clarification work. Because of Teacher's arrangements, reinforcements and hints, our cultivation practice in the Fa-rectification period has matured. At first, the police often kept one step ahead of our truth-clarification plans. That was a time of struggle for us. Later on, we were able to detect the police's schemes to interfere with or damage our truth-clarification work. Eventually, we were able to surpass their speed. From time to time, I can even feel the evil beings' frustrating outcries and complaints from other dimensions.

By now every Falun Gong practitioner should have supernormal capabilities. But does every practitioner have righteous faith in the Fa to believe that he or she has supernormal capabilities? I believe that Falun Gong practitioners are very close to Consummation and should all have the divine power of the Buddha Fa!

(To Be Continued)