1. The peasants in some villages of Jiutai City, Jilin Province were full of praise for NTDTV's 2007 Chinese Spectacular of after they watched it. They exclaimed, "Look, how beautiful the performance is!"

2. A retired lady in Changchun City loved the show so much and said, "There are so many capable people among Falun Gong practitioners. How wonderful they made the show!" She immediately asked for a copy of the DVD after she had watched the show at her relative's house. She was so excited about being able to get a DVD of the 2008 Divine Performing Arts Spectacular during a party at the home of a relative. She also told the person, a practitioner, that it was a pity that the DVD of the 2007 show didn't work very well. She has a very positive attitude toward Dafa and helped all of her children to quit the CCP.

3. A retired middle school teacher in Changchun held a negative attitude toward Dafa due to the vicious propaganda of the CCP. One of his relatives, who is a Falun Gong practitioner, invited him to her house to watch the Spectacular on DVD. Because he understands the arts and plays several different musical instruments, he understood the true meaning of the melodies from the performances. When he listened to tenor Guan Guimin sing, he said, "He is a senior and respectable singer and artist." He liked the show and with the persuasion of a relative, he agreed to quit the CCP.

4. After watching the 2008 Chinese Spectacular, one of my colleagues said, "It is wonderful! Not only does the show have beautiful and magnificent scenes, but all the stories in the show are meaningful." After watching the show, he asked for Dafa books.

5. My colleague, Ms. Zhao, said after watching the show, "The show is great! This professional performance is world class in every respect, from the stage design to the performances of the dancers and singers. I have never ever seen such a wonderful show before." She continued to say, "Especially the dance, 'The Fruits of Goodness,' which fully demonstrated that a good or bad outcome comes from one thought. Good thoughts only lead to good rewards. 'The Loyalty of Yue Fei' fully displayed 5,000 years of traditional Chinese culture and values and also reflected the old Chinese saying that one cannot possess both loyalty and filial piety. The entire show is purely righteous, clear, benevolent and beautiful. It is fantastic and exciting." She copied the DVD to her computer after watching it.