(Clearwisdom.net) I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1996. I firmly believe in Teacher and cultivate Dafa. Under Teacher's benevolent protection, the past eight years have gone smoothly for me even as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) persecutes Falun Gong throughout China. The following are cultivation experiences that I would like to report to Teacher and share with my fellow practitioners.

I was troubled by cerebral thrombosis for more than a year before I started my cultivation. The blood vessels in my brain had 22 centimeters (nine inches) of blockage. I stayed in the hospital for six months. When I was allowed to go home, I could hardly speak, would fall into comatose states, and was very susceptible to minor illnesses. I also had congenital heart disease. But shortly after I began to practice Falun Gong, all of these illnesses were gone! I fully experienced the wonder of Dafa. My colleagues also saw the miracle of Dafa after noticing the big improvements in me. I felt sorry that I had not started cultivation earlier. I also wanted to help everyone else to practice this unprecedented Great Law. I asked Teacher to help me to introduce the Fa to the people in my company. I took the videotape of Teacher's Fa lectures to ask the president of the labor union to let me show it in the office during non-working hours. We held a nine-day Fa lecture seminar at my company and several dozen people started cultivation.

1. A Failed Brainwashing

When the CCP started persecuting Falun Gong in 1999, all levels of government in China set up brainwashing centers. I was labeled a "key" person in our region and was put in a brainwashing session all by myself. The Party secretary and more than ten department directors in my company came to conduct the session. Facing such huge pressure, I told myself that I should never disrespect Teacher or Dafa, even if they killed me. With this thought, I became extremely calm. The Party secretary asked me, "Please tell us your understanding of the government's banning of Falun Gong." I was not good at speaking, but this time, words just flew out of my mouth, and they were very appropriate and to the point. I talked about the physical and spiritual benefits that I experienced after practicing Falun Gong, the saving of tens of thousands of yuan in medical expenses, the changes I had witnessed in dozens of colleagues after they practiced Falun Gong, the increased profits at the company, and the immeasurable benefits that Falun Gong brought to the country and the company, and so on. All of these points proved the boundless wonder of Dafa. The officials listened quietly for several hours as I spoke. When I finished, it was lunchtime. They had nothing to say and let me go home with dignity. When I think back, I am surprised at how well I spoke. It was Teacher and Dafa that gave me the wisdom.

However, the wicked officials were not reconciled to their failure. They sent two carloads of people to my home a few days later, trying to set up a brainwashing session in my home! They also wanted to arrest me. I maintained a practitioner's xinxing and clarified the facts to them with my own experiences. Only my one-year-old grandson was with me at home. He cried loudly when they tried to arrest me. Then he smiled as soon as they left.

During that time, my company sent people to harass me at home many times, but their attempts all failed. Teacher's picture was hanging on the wall in my home. No one dared to touch it.

2. Validating the Fa at Tiananmen Square

On the afternoon of January 16, 2000, I went to Beijing and unfurled banners to validate the Fa in Tiananmen Square. The police took my banners but left me alone. They arrested other practitioners and pushed them into police cars. Then they asked the practitioners, "Where did that man (referring to me) go?" Actually I just stood there. Teacher made me invisible to them. The Buddha Fa is boundless! In the following several days, I stayed in Beijing to help assist groups of practitioners coming to validate the Fa. I coordinated their accommodations and food. We also shared our understandings with each other. Then they went to Tiananmen to validate the Fa and let many people witness that Dafa is good. Under Teacher's benevolent protection, I was not arrested.

3. A Policeman Came to My Rescue

One morning in April 2003, when a group of practitioners and I were distributing truth-clarification materials about Falun Gong, police cars arrived and officers got out to arrest practitioners. I saw two practitioners being pushed into a police car. I ran to the car to try to rescue them, but two policemen grabbed my arms. At that moment, the driver of the police car opened his door and put one leg out, turning his head and saying to me, "Uncle, are you exercising here?" Then the two policemen let me go. They got in the car and left. I felt very excited about this dramatic change. I had never seen that driver before. It was Teacher's miracle. Teacher can do everything--it just depends on a disciple's mind!

Another time in 2003, one practitioner could no longer bear the torture at the forced labor camp and told the police that I had organized practitioners to hang banners about Falun Gong and distribute flyers. The police and staff from the 610 Office in my current city came to my hometown to arrest me. They took me back for interrogation. They ordered me to confess to wrongdoing and kept slamming on the desk, kicking chairs, shouting and cursing, as if the sky were going to fall. They ordered me to curse Teacher and Dafa and to give them information. I said to myself that I would tell them nothing at all. I would not comply with the evil even if they beat me to death. I sat there to clarify the truth to them with a smile. I remembered Teacher's teaching that we need to be kind to people, so I kept clarifying the truth to them with big smile on my face. I told them the stories about the evil spirits in "A Journey to The West," and I told them of the causal relationship that goodness begets goodness and that evil will be punished. Surprisingly, I talked for the entire afternoon. At the end, the police got nothing from me, but the evil factors behind them were eliminated. At last, the police officer in charge of my case said, "How can we close this case? We'll leave you alone after you write a guarantee statement." Before I could respond, the head of the 610 Office said, "He has already written it." Actually, I had never written any such thing. It was Teacher's immense benevolence that made me safe.

Over these years, I have gone through many crisis situations without being arrested. I have been able to emerge easily, saving many people. I have distributed truth-clarification flyers, pamphlets and the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. The practitioners in our region, including myself, wrote truth-clarification information on bills of currency. When practitioners were arrested, I went to their companies to demand their release, without worrying for my own safety, and I persuaded all of my relatives, friends, and colleagues to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. Now it is very easy for me to talk to people about quitting the CCP. I talk to everyone I meet on the street so that these predestined people will not waste the opportunities for which they've been waiting for thousands of years.

Because my cultivation environment is stable, we hold discussions and sharing with practitioners at my home. This has helped our group to work as a whole and to elevate as a whole. All of this comes from Dafa's mighty power and Teacher's benevolent salvation. I need to do the three things more diligently and to save every person who can be saved in order to meet Teacher's expectation "to be more efficient, to have a greater impact, and to save more people." ("Fa Teaching at the U.S. Capital") to complete my part of our historical mission, and to let Teacher rest assured!