(Clearwisdom.net) On April 3, 2008, police from Dachang County, Langfang City, Hebei Province, colluded to break into Falun Gong practitioner Yu Jinghua's home, arrest him, and send him to a brainwashing session in Langfang City. Wu Chaoliang and An Lijun conspired with the police chief of Dachang Police Station, Ma Yan, who led around 40 policemen in six vehicles.

People who saw what happened did not speak publicly, but were angry at the policemen. One said: "The police are asking for trouble. The practitioners are just practicing Qigong exercises, but the police act as if they were catching a murderer. These people are too idle."

So far this year, Dachang Police Department and the 610 Office have arrested Mr. Li Wenming, Ms. Song Shufen, Mr. Bai Xuewu, Ms. Guo Dahui, Ms. Liu Xiuxiang, Mr. Niu Lianjiang and Yu Jinghua, and others. Mr. Li Wenming and Ms. Song Shufen were arrested at the end of 2007 by the county national security team.

Close to midday on January 23, 2008, under the direction of the 610 Office and the Dachang County National Security Team, police in each town acted simultaneously.

Zhao Qinglin from Chenfu Township led a group of police and arrested Mr. Bai Xuewu on their way off duty, imprisoning him in the police station. Five police from Qigezhuang Township broke into Ms. Guo Dahui's home, forcefully her into their police vehicle. They looked through her students exam papers (she is a schoolteacher) and they took computers. Policemen An Lijun, Liu Jun and Hao Jinlei caught Liu Xiuxiang, Niu Lianjiang, and Yu Jinghua. The above five Falun Gong practitioners' homes were ransacked, their Dafa books, MP3 players and computers were taken. They were sent to Dachang Detention Center. 14 days later, only Guo Dahui was still being held. The authorities had extorted 20 - 30 thousand yuan from the others' families in exchange for their release.

On February 4, 2008, Dachang Police Department carried out a big search for Falun Gong practitioners all over the county. They confiscated computers and Dafa books, violating human rights and the law. On February 15, police again arrested Bai Xuewu and Niu Lianjiang, and sent and sent them together with Guo Dahui, who was in the detention center, to Langfang Brainwashing Class.

In March 2008, the head of the 610 Office of Dachang, Wang Lizhong, colluded with staff of the brainwashing class, to threaten and trick Guo Dahui's husband, Mr. Yang Lijun, into the brainwashing center. He remains held there today.

We warn all people involved in this persecution: Heaven's principles are clear. Stop this persecution. Release all Falun Gong people. Otherwise it will be too late.

Authorities Responsible

Yang Qinghua, Vice Secretary of Dachang County: 86-316-8822159 (Home)
Yu Chenglong, Secretary of Dachang Political and Law Committee: 86-316-8822923 (Home), 86-316-8822149 (Office)
Commissar Office of the Police Department: 86-316-8828395
Qiao Yuchun, Vice Chief of Police Department: 86-316-8823166 (Home)
Li Zhiwei, Chief of Shaofu Township Police Station
Ma Yan, Chief of Dachang Township Police Station
Han Wenhua, Vice Chief of Police Department: 86-316-8982566 (Home)
Xu Zhaoqiang: 86-316-8823998 (Home)
Wang Fuhong, Director of the 610 Office: 86-316-8823654 (Home)
Dachang County 610 Office: 86-316-8822149 (Office)
Dachang Detention Center: 86-316-8825335
Zhao Qinglin, chief of Dachang Lock-up: 86-316-8835335(Office)
Sun Zhigang, chief of Dachang Police Station: 86-316-8952666 (Home), 86-13603169096 (Cell)
Yang Guangyuan, Secretary of Dachang Political and Law Committee: 86-316-8823682 (Home)
Li Jianli, Secretary of Chenfu Township Political and Law Committee: 86-316-8850368 (Home)
Hai Bin, Chief of Chenfu Township Police Station: 86-316-8826965 (Home), 86-316-8980110 (Office)
Yang Wenxue, Chief of Xiadian Police Station
Li Shouan, Chief of Shaofu Police Station: 86-316-8839998 (Home), 86-316-8961087 (Office)