(Clearwisdom.net) After the article "About Using a Timer for Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts" was published (http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2008/4/4/96069.html), I immediately changed the timer from the one with the "Pudu" music, to the new one. Prior to this, I had read many articles recommending not to use "Pudu" music as the timer for sending righteous thoughts but hadn't taken the issue seriously. This article woke me up. I am a relatively new practitioner with less than two years of cultivation experience. When I first started practicing cultivation, the "Pudu" music was widely used as the timer for sending righteous thoughts. In addition, the "Pudu" music was already on the Taiwanese-made MP3 players. I had not thought it was a problem, nor judged it from the standpoint of the Fa.

Master said in the 2003 lecture, "Teaching the Fa at the Meeting on Writing Music" when answering a disciple's question about whether or not one could incorporate "Pudu" and "Jishi" into one's own work,

"As for Pudu and Jishi, you need to know what the inner meaning is that they portray. Cramming the cosmos into an egg isn't right."

"However, if you want to use Pudu in the music you are creating, it's not that you can't do it--what's key is that you have not grasped the inner meaning of Pudu. In it is the entire process Master went through from prehistory up through the Fa-rectification--could any concerto possibly encompass that?"

While "Pudu" and "Jishi" have such profound inner meanings, and a time reminder is to remind practitioners about time, then using "Pudu" as a timer is not an appropriate use of the music.

One day I played the "Pudu" music in the car while traveling with other practitioners. As soon as the prelude was played, one said, "I feel like it's time to send righteous thoughts." Think about it, if we use Dafa music casually, won't we intentionally add some meanings to it? Will people and Dafa practitioners in the future think it is time to send righteous thoughts as soon as they hear "Pudu"?

Some practitioners did not take the above mentioned article seriously when it was published. They didn't feel it was necessary to change the music as long as Clearwisdom.net did not publish an announcement. Many practitioners didn't think it was necessary to change because they had been using the music for so many years.

I recalled what was said in Zhuan Falun (Lecture Four), "Though some things may have been inherited for years, they might be incorrect." I came to understand the following: Things aren't necessarily correct, even if they have been habits for a long time. In my personal opinion, since the Falundafa.org website has already provided a new musical timer for sending righteous thoughts, it is best that we simply follow along and make the change. If one does not have access to the Internet, I would suggest changing from the "Pudu" music to some other timer. I believe it is every Dafa disciple's responsibility to safeguard Dafa and Dafa music. Practitioners: please pay attention to this and discontinue using "Pudu" as the musical reminder for sending righteous thoughts.

The weblink for downloading the new musical timer: http://media1.minghui.org/media/dafa/music/48k/fzn15.zip

Or go to http://www.falundafa.org/bul/audio-video/audiovideo_sup.html and click it.

May 5, 2008