(Clearwisdom.net) I was held in a local detention center for three months because I practice Falun Gong. I witnessed many crimes taking place such as beatings and outright extortion.

I observed an inmate in my cell who had The Party Constitution, which seemed very unusual. One evening, the cell leader next to our cell knocked on our gate, and threw in a few pieces of paper, and told us, "Write three party applications." Our cell leader asked me to write one, and explained, "Guards want to join the party, but are too lazy to write the applications themselves, so they force us to write for them. These kinds of tasks come once in awhile, and since you are educated, just write one for them, and they will collect them tomorrow morning." I refused, and he was not happy, so he physically abused me for it.

This kind of thing happened frequently. Prisoners were forced to write study reports on party propaganda, such as the Five Forbidden Rules, and Party Culture Knowledge contests, and even the placement of evaluation papers, promotional packages, and annual reports.