(Clearwisdom.net) I was physically weak and prone to illness since childhood. When I was about 22 years old, I contracted bronchial asthma and suffered tremendously during each attack. I was prone to colds, always followed by an attack. I had an attack whenever I was tired, felt cold, or smelled foul odors. Then I would cough continuously. This could last as long as two months, so that I was often in a state of exhaustion. The attacks became more and more frequent as time went on. Winter was the customary time, and then it also happened in the Spring. By 1995 the attacks were happening at any time, regardless of the season. I could not go outside if it was cold, because I would get an attack if I breathed in cold air. I had to be on injections and medication for four days to slowly get better, meaning that I was off work for those days. At that time, I often thought of taking my own life.

For years I would go wherever there was promise of an alleged cure for the illness. I also tried many folk prescriptions and qigong. The condition got worse instead of improving.

In June 1996, a colleague brought up Falun Gong for the second time. Having been disillusioned by phony qigong, I did not quite believe it. Nevertheless, at a colleague's urging I agreed to read the book, so she lent me Zhuan Falun (Volume 2). Once at home I opened the book. The more I read, the more I wanted to read. I felt that everything in it was true, and I finished the book in one sitting.

The next day I borrowed Zhuan Falun from her. I read the book with great eagerness. After I finished the first lecture, I felt light and comfortable. When I read the second and third lectures I felt uncomfortable. When I got to Lecture Four, all my illness symptoms surfaced and I was extremely uncomfortable. I then thought, "This is exactly as what the book says. This is not illness. This is karma elimination." The colleague had invited me to the practice site that evening where everyone could hear me breathing. Several practitioners encouraged me to stay put and that it would get better. I nodded in agreement.

After the practice we listened to a recording of one of Master's lectures. I said to them, "I am not feeling very well. I want to go home now. Can you lend me the tapes to listen to at home after you are done with them?" "Of course! We will give them to you tomorrow."

I went home alone. As soon as I left the practice site, the symptoms got worse. I dragged my feet home. After I went to bed, I felt as if a large rock was lying on my chest and I could not breathe. My temples were bulging with pain. I could not sit, nor could I sleep. I endured it till about eleven o'clock. I very much wanted to take an asthma tablet to alleviate the symptoms. As soon as this thought emerged, the laborious breathing became more severe and I could barely take it any more. In order not to disturb my family and, more importantly, since I knew that it was not illness but elimination of karma, I sat in bed and repeatedly told myself, "This is karma elimination; the genuine purpose of life is to return to one's true origin; I want to return to my true origin."

After midnight I pleaded with Master to let me sleep for a while and found later that I really fell asleep. Just then my human side emerged and I thought, "I should not move my hands. If I do, I will start breathing heavily again." As soon as this thought emerged, the hand that my head was resting on started feeling sore and numb and I had to move it. I pulled my hand slowly from under my head. My breathing became irregular and heavy. I endured it for a while and then could not take it anymore, so I pleaded with Master, "Let me sleep until dawn and I will get up as soon as day breaks." I fell asleep. I awoke right at daybreak. I got up and tossed all of the medicine into the wastebasket.

This miraculous experience taught me many things. I believe every word Master said. If I had not received Dafa, none of these good things would have happened. During the decades I had suffered from asthma, whenever an attack occurred the symptoms never disappeared on their own, only with medicine or an injection.

I cannot describe how fortunate I am that I have Master and I have come across the Dafa of the Universe.

Since beginning the practice, I have not had an injection or taken any medication. Subsequently, karma elimination happened a few times, but each time it became less severe. Although we had a cold winter this year, I was still able to walk in the cold or snow. I was able to carry heavy things and walk up and down eight flights of stairs several times without breathing heavily. I could actually do it quite easily.

When the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was vilifying Master and Falun Dafa, many of my coworkers told me, "No matter what the CCP says, we all know your illness was cured because you practice Falun Gong."

Nowadays many people tell me that I look younger and better. I also feel light all over and very comfortable. Falun Dafa has given me all I have. Master renewed my life, and I am grateful for Master's benevolent salvation.