(Clearwisdom.net) Disasters happening on Chinese soil have brought great suffering and pain to the Chinese people, but each time the Chinese Communist Party has turned the people's mourning into a celebration of the CCP through its propaganda. Each time the people endure suffering, the Party uses the opportunity to enhance its false image of being "great, honorable, and correct" through its "rescue efforts." When the earthquake happened in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province, the Party's rescue efforts weren't sincere. Instead, it squandered its energy trying to whitewash itself. However, their deceitful propaganda failed to conceal its inhuman nature, which was exposed through its dealings over this quake.

Earthquake Predictions Suppressed to Save the Image of the Olympic Games Host

Before the quake in Wenchuan, it was not that professionals and others didn't forecast it. The forecasts were, in fact, suppressed and concealed by the CCP in order to maintain its so-called "stable" and "harmonious" image. Two years ago, several professional earthquake researchers predicted that there would be a great earthquake in west Sichuan in 2008. There were also non-professionals who predicted the quake before it happened. But those predictions were concealed and suppressed. Looking back, when the catastrophic Tangshan Earthquake occurred 32 years ago, many professionals and non-professionals reported to the central government about a possible quake six months to several hours before it happened, according to facts revealed in recent years. The government suppressed the news in the name of politics, resulting in the deaths of several hundred thousand people. This time, the CCP played the same old trick, concealing prediction reports and disregarding human lives and resulting in the deaths of and injury to many people.

Earthquake Predictions Quashed as Rumor

One week before the earthquake, rumors in the Aba Area in Sichuan Province predicted an earthquake. But when the local residents inquired about it, they were assured the rumors were false. The authorities started an investigation of the so-called "earthquake rumor," and on May 9, 2008, the Sichuan Government published an announcement "discounting the earthquake rumor" on its website, declaring that there would be no earthquake in the area. But three days later, the earthquake occurred. The residents had lost the chance to prepare and save themselves.

Human Lives Disregarded and Best Rescue Chances Lost

After an earthquake occurs, the first 72 hours--and especially the first 24 hours--is the prime rescue period. But the CCP didn't send rescue teams and relief immediately to the epicenter of the quake, even though propaganda of its timely efforts to rescue the victims was quickly broadcast. The prime rescue period was missed and many lives were lost. According to information gathered, a tourist guide, tourists from Taiwan, and a middle-aged woman from Sichuan walked out of the epicenter and reached the safe area beyond Dujiangyan in less than 10 hours. The government blamed bad climate, aftershocks, and road congestion as the cause for its delayed rescue efforts, but how could a well-trained army not be able to move as well as ordinary civilians? The CCP's rescue efforts are merely a show.

Entry of International Rescue Teams Denied

The CCP used "congested traffic" and "inconvenient conditions" as excuses for denying the entry of professional rescue teams in the early stages. After the earthquake occurred, Taiwan and many other countries abroad immediately offered their professional rescue teams to help with the rescue efforts in China. These professional teams could have played a great role in saving many lives if they had been allowed to enter the country immediately. But the government was afraid that the image of the Party and its military as "the great savior" would be reduced if these professional teams from abroad saved a lot of people trapped under collapsed buildings. It therefore put forth different excuses such as "military base" and "there is no need" to refuse to let the professional rescue teams from abroad enter China. Several days later, after many people had lost their chance to be saved, the government reluctantly accepted help from certain countries.

Tightening Internet and Media Censorship and Defaming Falun Gong

After the earthquake, the government didn't try its best to provide disaster relief. Instead, it spent much of its efforts on Internet and media censorship and badmouthing those it considers its enemies. Several hours after the quake, the Party gathered its several hundred thousand commentators on the Internet (who are paid with the people's hard-earned money) to muzzle public opinion and defame Falun Gong.

Suppressing Instead of Saving People

The CCP seems to be actively rescuing the victims, creating a good image, but it has been secretly arresting citizens who dare to speak out about the truth of the disaster and those who advocate human rights. Some people who managed to escape from the epicenter area brought out the real news of the tragedy there, but they were arrested for "spreading rumors." Even as rescue efforts were urgently needed, the Party still ordered some people to focus on arresting those who were fighting for the human rights of the people in China.

Engaging in Brainwashing Propaganda, Bungling Rescue Chances

When the government's propaganda media reported on the earthquake disaster, it did not focus on the conditions of the disaster or the needs of the people who were suffering. It mainly focused on creating a flattering image of its leader and its army. As a result, many places didn't get any help for several days. Many lives were endangered because the serious conditions in the affected area were not made known to the outside world to encourage a more timely rescue effort.

Shoddy Construction Resulted in the Deaths of Many Children

During the earthquake, most of the school buildings, new and old, collapsed, killing many children. But very few Party officials were killed because hardly any government office building collapsed. Over ten years ago, there was a fire disaster in Kelayima. The CCP's order to "let the leaders go first" resulted in several hundred children being burned or suffocated to death, but all the leaders escaped. Today, the government leaders are still living and working in luxurious buildings built with the people's hard-earned money, while the children are still in poorly constructed, dangerous buildings.

The Party's only motive is to maintain its ruling position, and it does this through deceit and violence. The government seems to be responding actively to rescue earthquake victims as it busily constructs its noble image through the use of propaganda. But this mask is a flimsy one, and the Party's disregard for human life will be thoroughly exposed.