(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Zhang Junying, 59 years old, is a practitioner from Jilin City, Jilin Province. At about 5:30 p.m. on May 12, 2008, Yue Haiping, the deputy director of Shanqian Police Station under the Longtan District Police Department; a residential police officer; and a police car driver rushed into her home and forcibly took her to Shanqian Police Station.

According to an insider, only Ms. Zhang was home at the time. Without even being allowed to get her shoes on, she was dragged away from her home. Soon afterwards, the police officers came back to search her residence. They shamelessly asked the neighbors, "Who can open this door?" The neighbors answered, "We don't have a key." The police got tools from their office and pried open the door. They seized Dafa books, videos, and CDs. The neighbors called Ms. Zhang's two daughters, who hurried to the police station. The police forced them to pay 50 yuan as a so-called "arrest fee."

Ms. Zhang is a retired staff member of the Vehicle Parts Plant in Jiangbei District. She has suffered nine years of brutal abuse for her belief in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." She was framed on a charge of "disturbing the social order." She was illegally arrested four times and sentenced to forced labor three times. Ms. Zhang was severely devastated both mentally and physically. Her family and relatives have also been hurt. Her daughter said grievingly, "On August 23, 2006, my mother was illegally arrested by Shanqian Police Station officers and sentenced to a forced labor camp for one year. Her home was also searched. She suffered serious mental and physical injuries. After she returned home, she was just gaining some weight back, but now she is being abused again. My younger brother is getting married this July. What should I do?"

Arresting good people and extorting "arrest fees" from their families is typical of the CCP. After extorting the 50 yuan cash, the police officers detained Ms. Zhang in the Longtan Police Department that night and then transferred her to the Jilin City Detention Center.

Shanqian Police Station: 86-432-3044843, 86-432-2193107
Director Yan Jiafu (male)
Political head Zong Liquan (male)
Deputy director Yue Haiping (male)
Police officers (all male) Jiang Haitao, Fan Yongli, Piao Zhekui, Liu Yang, Wang Yingwei, Lv Zhigang, Zhang Min, Chen Yuanzhu, Jing Yuwen

On May 17, 2008