(Clearwisdom.net) The National Security Force, local police, and the 610 Office from Xinzhou District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, have recently severely persecuted many Falun Gong practitioners, using the Olympic Games as their justification. They have illegally arrested practitioners and detained them in Liuji Brainwashing Center (the former Liuji Financial Institute) in Xinzhou District. They have tortured them in many brutal ways, including solitary confinement, torture, sleep deprivation, and non-stop brainwashing sessions. On top of this, practitioners were charged 50 yuan every day to cover their living costs!

Many practitioners are held in Liuji Brainwashing Center illegally, including the following:

Mr. Tao Jiaping, in his 40s, was arrested on April 2. His home was ransacked and his computer taken away.

Mr. Zhu Youshan, in his 60s, worked as a laborer outside of his hometown. On April 7, the police broke into his home and took his personal belongings. Mr. Zhu Youshan was arrested in a different town. When he was released, he went to the local Police Station to ask for the return of his personal property and was arrested again.

On April 14, the police went to Ms. Liu Yuhong's home twice, but she was not there. Later that day she was arrested at the factory where she worked.

Mr. Li Baoqing was arrested at his home on April 25. The police also searched his home.

Lu Baoqing, a citizen of Huangpi, was arrested by the Huangpi police while he was walking down a street in Cangbu on April 2.

Mr. Xiao Jinhan is in his 70's. The police searched his home first and then arrested him while he was on his way home.

Institutions that have participated in the above persecution:

Cangbu Police Station: 86-27-89061166; 86-27-86912406
Wangji Police Station
Huangpi Police Station
Xinzhou National Security Division
National Security Force of Wuhan City
610 Office