(Clearwisdom.net) On May 13, 1992, our compassionate and great Master began teaching the Fa in the heavens and the human world. In an instant, the Falun turned and its light shone throughout the entire cosmos. Heaven and earth were shaken, and beams of the Fa reached everywhere. The Master Buddha showed the solemnity of a sacred king. Our incomparably compassionate and incomparably great Master, at the cosmos' moment of destruction, broke through all obstacles and turned the tide. He shouldered all that was astray in history and saved the cosmos at the moment of destruction. The wide dissemination of Falun Dafa was an extremely precious opportunity for the sentient beings of the world. This opportunity will not come again in another tens of thousands of years. In eons of reincarnation, so many people with predestined relationships have been awaiting this moment. Master's Fa was spread to all of the world. With sentient beings in his heart, Master was not afraid of difficulties or fatigue. In the last 16 years, the cosmos has been renewed.

What an honor it is for Dafa disciples to follow Master in the Fa-rectification. Genuine disciples all cherish this precious opportunity. To provide more beings with a better future, Dafa disciples have been diligent, held righteous thoughts, taken righteous actions, and done well the three things Master asked of us. It is vital for Dafa disciples to study the Fa well. Only when assimilated to the Fa can we break through the fog of this world, achieve true understanding, and walk well on the dignified path of Fa-rectification. In clarifying the facts and validating the Fa, whatever the environment, the disciples must not slack off. So many fellow practitioners are still being illegally detained, and some even face the dangers of organ harvesting.

Confronted with this most vicious force in the universe, disciples around the world have been working together to call on all just forces in the world to end the persecution and dissolve all evil beings and elements. Despite severe pressure, Dafa disciples with a righteous faith that resembles plum blossoms in the harshest winter proudly open their blossoms to the world. Although the winter has been long, it cannot stop the approach of spring. While being brutally persecuted, Dafa disciples around the world have been able to clarify the facts to the world's people with calmness and rationality. The great compassion and tolerance of cultivators are sure to melt the ice and snow. The solid cultivation of Dafa disciples has given the world's people hope for the future.

The Chinese Communist Party has tried to destroy the will of cultivators and has used wicked lies to poison and ruin the people of the world. Among them are many of our family members that await salvation and a new life from Dafa. On the eve of the Fa rectification of the human world, let's cherish our precious time. On the last leg of the journey towards consummation, in saving sentient beings, let's display the mighty virtue of Dafa in the human world.

Master said, "You are Gods, and you are the future rulers of different cosmoses, so who would you count on? All the beings are counting on you! That's truly how it is." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A.") Indeed, we are gods, and only we will be the rulers of the cosmoses. Dafa disciples must do even better. The disciples will let the whole world know "Falun Dafa is great." All corners of the world will praise "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance." The miracles of Dafa disciples will be seen all over the world.

The new cosmos is incomparably wonderful and harmonious. The bountiful mercy of Master will bring good fortune to humankind, and they will express their gratitude to Master. We are disciples of Master, the Lord Buddha, for which we feel very proud and fortunate. Even in the brutal persecution and under tremendous pressure, Master bore everything for the disciples who were suffering tribulations, while forging diamond-hard bodies for the disciples. This shook the evil. Time is running short to save sentient beings. How much have the gods journeyed for this? The glory is unprecedented in history. The spring scenery of May has brightened up China.

Since Falun Dafa's introduction in China in 1992, with great compassion, Falun Dafa has brought the rare opportunity to cultivate and return to one's true self to the people of the world. The disciples are fortunate to have obtained it. We were born in an era when Falun Dafa was taught to the public. Let us cherish this once-in-a-thousand-years opportunity.

Throughout history, how many beings have been lost in the secular world, forgetting the vows they made before gods and Buddhas? Once a life fell into this world, the desire for material goods confused his eyes and mind as he struggled to search for the path to return home. The difficulties and tribulations seemed endless. Today, when the truth is finally revealed widely in the world, does he still remember the sacred vows made in the past?

In this lifetime, Dafa disciples are fortunate to have studied the Fa. The Buddha Fa enlightened them, as if waking them up from a dream. So many mysteries were unveiled. The joy of obtaining the Fa was beyond words. No matter how lost we were in the past, we are finally on our way home.

A human life is short, yet our real life is very long. After a long journey, we will eventually return to our first home. On the path of cultivation, although there are tribulations, our will to return to our original, true selves only becomes stronger. No matter how brutal the persecution, no matter how rampant the evil, the only thing that remains is the faith to follow the true principles. However much difficulty is ahead of us, disciples will forge ahead with uncompromising courage. Let our lives be renewed and elevated through the tribulations!

I have been a practitioner for nearly 10 years. During the process of cultivation, I have felt the incomparable sacredness of Falun Dafa and Master's boundless compassion. Master's compassion has moved our hearts and increased our capacities, as we savor the joy and anticipation of returning to our origins. Looking back, my personal cultivation was diligent and effortless. I began practicing in September 1998. For the next ten months, my heart was filled with joy. Every morning I went to the practice site to do the exercises, and despite extreme temperatures, mosquito bites, and severe weather, I never slacked off. At the practice site, the wonderful exercise music and slow, gentle exercise movements left so many peaceful and beautiful images in my mind. Every day, I studied the Fa with enthusiasm. Dafa filled my mind. As cultivators, we have experienced the pain of letting go of attachments, the sense of relief and freedom after we let go of attachments, and the beautiful realm of being in a much more open, broad, and carefree world. Although we still had many attachments, the Fa of the cosmos had already been deeply rooted in our hearts. We decided to steadfastly follow Master. Because of our respect for Master and the Fa, nobody could touch us. This laid a solid foundation for Fa-rectification period cultivation.

I went to Beijing to appeal on April 25, 1999. While at Zhongnanhai, I saw with my own eyes a giant, colorful Falun, turning and encompassing heaven and earth. At that moment, I was immersed in joy. Suddenly all feelings of fatigue and difficulty evaporated. At that moment, I realized that Master wanted us, the practitioners who had come to Beijing to appeal, to witness the extraordinary glory of the Falun. This was to encourage Dafa disciples. Our confidence was boosted, and many had tears of gratitude in their eyes. I will always cherish that moment in my heart, for it is a testimony to history.

When the persecution began in full force in July 1999, the evil was all encompassing. Although it eclipsed the sky, I was not lost or confused. For cultivators who have enlightened to the true meaning of life, no matter what kind of tests or temptations we face, our firm faith in the true principles cannot be shaken. I firmly believed in Dafa and Master and in the validity of cultivation in "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance." In my heart, I told Master, "Master, I am determined in my cultivation in Dafa. One Master, one Fa, no compromises. I will firmly follow you to the end." I couldn't hold back my tears as I said those words.

During Fa-rectification cultivation, I have been arrested and sent to brainwashing centers by the 610 Office. My home has been ransacked and raided. Because of my fundamental attachments and fear, I have also deviated from the path of Fa-rectification cultivation. Every time, Master compassionately enlightened me and rectified my situation. On the path of cultivation, Master has given all to us. At every moment, our compassionate Master is besides us, taking care of us. Practitioners who are basking in the light of the great Buddha Fa are truly joyful. I have felt so fortunate, as this is an indescribable joy that only genuine cultivators can experience. Dafa has renewed the lives of those who live for others. That is the Fa principle of "Cultivation is up to you, gong is up to the master." Here I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Master. Thank you for not giving up on us. Thank you for your greatest compassion!