(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Du Ting, a Falun Gong practitioner, has been detained in Tilanqiao Jail for six years. Recently there was news from the jail indicating that police were increasing the brutal mistreatment of Mr. Du.

Mr. Du Ting, 40 years old, is from Zhenyuan County, Gansu Province. Because he practices Falun Gong, he was arrested by the Minhang Police Department on August 17, 2001. He was sentenced to eight years in jail by the court on March 18 2002.

Mr. Du started a hunger strike, which continued for one year in jail. During this time, he was tortured in many ways by the police and prisoners in Tilanqiao Jail. He was once "transformed" after being subjected to various lies and deceit. However, he soon realized his mistake and began cultivating again. He declared that his previous promises regarding giving up Falun Gong were null and void. He also went on a hunger strike again. He was detained in Team Five, the so called "young test team," which was originally for detaining criminals destined for execution. It is the most rigorous place in the Shanghai jail system. Du Ting kept up the hunger strike, and his health became very poor. He even needed the support of others to walk. In 2006, he was infected with tuberculosis in jail. The police used various excuses to prevent his wife from visiting him and bailing him out for treatment.

The police reassigned Mr. Du to the No. 1 area. This area is used to detain important and suspicious criminals. He is still on a hunger strike at this point.

Police officers bound him to a bed. They have used this torture for a long time. The same torture was used on Mr. Xiong Wenqi. At present the Tilanqiao Jail police have come up with a method of dealing with hunger-striking practitioners. First they bind and abuse them. During the binding, they ensure that the practitioner cannot move, and also abuse, sneer at, and beat the practitioner. When Mr. Xiong left the jail, his face was distorted from his eyes down to his chin, and his hair had fallen out. Du Ting is facing the same tortures.Tang is the chief of the No.1 area.
Mr. Du Ting is detained in Section Four. The chief there is Zhang Yi.