(Clearwisdom.net) On the evening of April 8, 2008, Team Leader Li Jinbo, Geng Jun, Zhang Yong, and Zhong Wen (female) from the Zengdu Police Station of the Suizhou City Public Security Bureau in Hubei Province arrested practitioners Ms, Zhang Ling (over 40 years old, from Junchuan Town, Suizhou), Ms. Li Yun (27, from Nanjiaoguayuan), and Mr. Fu Guoqi (over 40, from Wuhan City).

These police officers not only confiscated all of Ms. Zhang and Ms. Li's property in their rented rooms, but also stole over a thousand yuan that Ms. Li had on her. The deposit receipt that Ms. Li had paid to her workplace was also confiscated. When Ms. Li's mother went to ask for the sum to be returned, the officers said they had already handed it in. As to where they handed it in and when they would return it, there was no answer.

The three practitioners were jailed at the Suizhou City Detention Center for over a month. When Ms. Li Yun's mother went to the public security bureau to ask for her, police officers Li Jinbo, Liu Guoqing, and Liu Shunqing said her case had been transferred to the Judicial Department, where the three practitioners were to be sentenced.

When Ms. Li's mother asked the officers why the three had been arrested and jailed, they said it was because a satellite dish was set up at Li Yun's rented room that received New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV) and overseas information. They also found DVDs of the NTDTV Spectacular. They said that this was criminal evidence that they had been working with overseas forces and that the problem was very serious. Li Yun's mother said, "You spend the taxpayers' money blocking the Internet and controlling the Chinese people. You are afraid of us knowing outside information. Every citizen has a right to information. We did not commit any crimes. You are abusing the law to persecute good people. You are the ones committing the crimes." The police had no words of reply and closed themselves up in their office, seeing no one.

Li Jinbo (also called Li Dabo), the team leader of the Criminal Team of the Zengdu Public Security Bureau of the Suizhou City Public Security Bureau, Hubei Province: 86-722-3972009(Cell)
Zhong Wen (with the 610 Office): 86-13872896219(Cell)
Liu Shunqing(Chief of the Law Section and mainly in charge of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners in Suizhou): 722-3976890(Cell) 86-13908663196(Cell)