(Clearwisdom.net) A devastating earthquake struck Sichuan Province. The whole nation bitterly mourns the dead. The death of innocent schoolchildren in particular is even more grievous. The Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) mouthpiece once more is diverting attention from the disaster and using this national tragedy for their own advantage. The CCP mouthpiece media frame and put blame on Falun Gong and certain democracy activists, falsely accusing them of "taking pleasure in others' suffering," "interfering with donations," and distorting a long existing slogan "Heaven will eliminate the CCP" into "Heaven will eliminate China." The CCP mouthpiece attempted to incite people's hatred of Falun Gong, and thereby diverting people's attention and escaping accountability.

Falun Gong practitioners are as sad anyone else for those who were killed by this earthquake. I donated money through a website in my own name, though I have no idea if my donation will reach the earthquake victims.

As for the New York incident cooked up by Xinhua News Agency, it was so obvious that the CCP spies instigated people's emotions to attack Service Center for Quitting the CCP activities, but the Xinhua News Agency put blame on Falun Gong.

The horrible disaster is actually a man-made disaster, though some people think otherwise. Someone said, "The earthquake did not kill people. They died because of poor construction standards." As we all know, a large number of school buildings completely collapsed in the earthquake; by comparison, buildings of the CCP regime officials at different levels are as splendid as a royal palace. The CCP officials use public funds for wining and dining and travel and for regaling the retired CCP senior officials, spending huge amounts from citizen's hard-earned money.

During several earthquakes in Japan many buildings collapsed, but school buildings withstood the earthquakes and remained intact. My understanding is that the Japanese government is democratic, incorruptible and responsible.

Even during the rule of the warlords, Warlord Liu Wenhui once issued a strict order: if the county government structures are of better quality than school buildings, the head of the county will be summarily executed. By comparison, what a corrupt regime the CCP is!

If China would not have the CCP, if the Chinese government were responsible, supervised by the media and the general public, the government would definitely have strictly supervised and inspected the construction of school buildings in an earthquake zone. The earthquake disaster would not have been so devastating and miserable. Not so many schoolchildren would be buried in the debris of "tofu" (soft and shoddy) buildings, and not so many parents would be left with endless sorrow in their remaining lives.

"Heaven will eliminate the CCP" is a slogan that has long existed. This tragedy shows us once more, and clearly, that the existence of the CCP can only bring China endless disasters. Shouldn't Heaven eliminate the CCP? Only when Heaven eliminates the CCP can the Chinese people be free of the CCP-made disasters. "Heaven eliminating the CCP" is a blessing for China, and is Heaven protecting China.

The CCP has been using its mouthpiece media to deceive the public, so that people regard the CCP as China; actually, the CCP is the most evil regime in Chinese history. The political movements and persecution the CCP has launched have caused millions of Chinese people's unnatural deaths. This evil regime still keeps control over the media, still blockades the websites, and still deprives people of the right to speak, to know the truth and to vote.

The CCP is not China. Under national and international pressure, the CCP has no choice but to take action following the earthquake disaster, according to people's will, but it is absolutely not that the CCP has changed for the better. Its corruption and cruelty have not changed, and neither have its lies and deception. The only thing is that its lies and deceptions changed to be more skillfully packaged.

The Xinhua News Agency made skilled use of past experiences to concoct a " class enemy," to criticize and struggle against the innocent, shift conflicts and escape accountability; this can only help people see clearly the evil nature of the CCP mouthpiece.