(Clearwisdom.net) On April 14, 2008, Mr. Lu Anwu, a teacher and Falun Gong practitioner was arrested by police and National Security Staff from Xinyi City, Guangdong Province. His house was searched and two MP3 players, a telephone address book and some other personal belongings were taken away. Mr. Lu is now being held in Zhushan Detention Center of Xinyi City. His family members are not allowed to see him. Using his address book, the police have arrested other people suspected to be Falun Gong practitioners.

On April 20 and 21, Xinyi City police and National Security staff, together with the Gaozhou City National Security Team arrested Mr. Zhou Shenghuan (Falun Gong practitioner and a teacher at Dongan Town High School of Gaozhou City) and Mr. Li Guangwu from Tantou Town. On May 10, a large number of people were arrested and taken to Shuikou Town Police Station in Xinyi City. These included Mr. Lu Anwu's sister and other relatives, including some who had accepted materials from Falun Gong practitioners. Many people who were arrested cried out, saying that they were being wrongfully treated. The police are forcing ordinary people to participate in the persecution directed at their family members.

Mr. Zhou Shenghuan is a practitioner, and he teaches Math in the gifted class of Dongan Town No. 2 Middle School in Gaozhou City. He started to practice in August, 1998. Since the Chinese Communist Party started the persecution, he has been under close surveillance by the police. Mr. Zhou is now being held in Gaozhou City Detaining Center. It has been said that he has been brutally beaten while there and he is in serious condition.