(Clearwisdom.net) At approximately 7:00 a.m. on April 15, 2008, when Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Yang Yan from Guangzhou City was taking her four-year-old daughter to the Zhongshan University Daycare Center, she was arrested by police and plainclothes officers who were hiding along the roadside by the Yijing Cuiyuan Residential Quarter. They took Ms. Yang and her daughter to their home, where they left the little girl alone and took Ms. Yang away.

Afterwards, more than ten police and plainclothes officers broke into Ms. Yang's home. At that time her husband Mr. Fan Zhaobin was at home. Mr. Fan was arrested by six police officers who carried him out of his home by force. The police then ransacked their home and stole a credit card for the Zhongxin Bank, along with a personal computer, printer, tape recorder, TV equipment, Falun Dafa books, and a cell phone.

Mr. Fan has a PhD in computer science from Zhongshan University and is a teacher in the Computer Science Department. His wife works at Guangzhou City College. They started practicing Falun Dafa in 1996.

In April 2000, Mr. Fan and Ms. Yang were taken back to Guangzhou City after they went to Beijing to appeal for the legal rights of Falun Dafa. They were both fined 4,800 yuan each and illegally detained for 15 days. Furthermore, Ms. Yang was fired from the Jianxin Electric Appliance Company where she used to work (the company closed down two years ago). In 2001, Mr. Fan was sentenced to one and a half years of forced labor. Ms. Yang was arrested and taken to Guangzhou City, where she was detained for 15 days after she went to Beijing again to appeal for Falun Gong in 2001. She was not released after her 15-day detention was over, but was sent to a brainwashing center instead. Ms. Yang was then sentenced to one and a half years of forced labor by Haizhu District, and detained at the Chuotou Woman's Labor Camp in Guangzhou City.

In early April 2008, Political and Judiciary Committee Secretary Zhou Yongkang held a meeting with all Political and Judiciary Committee Secretaries and Chiefs of Police Departments in China to plot large-scale arrests of Falun Dafa practitioners in the name of "protecting the Olympics." On April 15, 2008 the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials in Guangzhou City illegally arrested 20 to 30 practitioners.

On April 29, 2008 Mr. Fan was sent to the Haizhu District Detention Center on Nanzhou Road. In the afternoon on May 9, 2008 his parents received a so-called "Arrest Notification" for Ms. Yang Yan and Mr. Fan Zhaobin from the Fengyang Street Police Station.

Fengyang Street Police Station, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City: 86-20-83127459, 86-20-34307183