(Clearwisdom.net) Between March and April 2008, police from Xihe District, Fuxin City, arrested three Falun Gong practitioners and then released them after bribes were paid. The three are in their 60s to 70s.

In the morning on March 18, 2008, Officer Guo Tinglian, accompanied by four others from the Xihe District Police Department, invaded the homes of practitioners Wang Wenkui and Wang Wenqing. They ransacked the homes and confiscated Dafa books, an MP3 player, a boombox, and other personal belongings. They took Wang Wenkui and Wang Wenqing to the Domestic Security Division and demanded 6000 yuan for their release. They didn't explain the reason for the demand for money and provided no receipt when it was paid.

On April 8, 2008, Wang Fenxian, Xihe District Domestic Security Division head, accompanied by four police officers, broke in practitioner Wang Baoliang's home and with the intent to seize him. Then Wang Baoliang defied their unreasonable and inexcusable actions, they took him to the Domestic Security Division, punching and kicking him. They removed his belt and whipped his head. The belt broke. Wang Baoliang's son eventually paid a 5,000-yuan "penalty" to have his father released.

When the police went to arrest Wang Baoliang, they saw him handing money to buy grain from a neighborhood woman. Two officers rushed up to snatch the money from her. When the woman held onto the money, one officer even bit her to get it away from her. She still held onto it, so they twisted her arm up behind her back. The pain caused her to get go of the money. The police officers grabbed the 700 yuan and did not give her a receipt.

May 15, 2008