(Clearwisdom.net) After practicing the exercises one morning, I made an appointment with two fellow practitioners, A and B, to go on a trip that afternoon to clarify the truth and save sentient beings. Later, Practitioner A said that she was unable to go. Although I knew that Practitioner B had been seriously affected by human notions recently and had been unable to overcome these attachments and needed the help of other practitioners (even Practitioner A wanted me to go with B), the weather that day was not very good and I decided not to go, due to my attachment to comfort. I decided to stay home to study the Fa and print truth-clarification materials.

When I picked up my book to study the Fa, I was seriously interfered with by sleep demons. I felt physically uncomfortable as well. I decided to go print materials and return to studying the Fa afterward. However, not long after I switched on my computer, it suddenly displayed an "Error" message. I spent almost two hours trying to fix it. I sent forth righteous thoughts, but it still did not work. I began to look inside and realized: I should have gone to save sentient beings with the other practitioners. Now that saving people is of utmost urgency, we should not be attached to comfort and shirk our responsibility due to bad weather. These are all human notions--selfish attachments. Moreover, Practitioner B had finally overcome her notions and wanted to give it a try. If I didn't go, it would be hard for her to go as well. Wasn't I ruining a good opportunity to save sentient beings?

Once I realized this, my heart opened up. I quickly told Master, "Master, I have realized my wrongs. I have decided to go with Practitioner B this afternoon to save people. I will not fail because of my attachment to comfort." At the same time, I told the interfering demons, "I will save sentient beings, I will not allow you to attack my faults or interfere with me. Master is guarding me." After I realized this, when I switched on the computer again, it suddenly began to work. My eyes filled with tears. I immediately knelt in front of Master's picture with my hands in front of my chest. I thanked Master for His compassion and decided that I would heed Master's advice and place saving sentient beings as my top priority.

That afternoon, I went out with Practitioner B. We walked dozens of miles to a faraway village in the mountains and gave out hundreds of copies of materials. We also helped some people to withdraw from the Communist Party and the Youth League. We headed for home at 5 p.m. and arrived just in time for the 6 p.m. time to send forth righteous thoughts. That night, I studied three lectures in Zhuan Falun and sent forth righteous thoughts several times. I was not sleepy at all, and all the discomfort was gone. I realized that, as long as we follow Master's requirements to study the Fa, clarify the truth, and make truth-clarification materials, nothing will fall behind!