(Clearwisdom.net) I started practicing Falun Gong after July 20, 1999, the date the persecution began. In the process of truth clarification, saving sentient beings and in validating the Fa, I have taken the Fa as teacher and have been cultivating myself, trying to eliminate my attachments. I have been striving to do the things I should do. With Master's protection I have grown and matured in cultivation. Today I'd like to share with you my experiences in clarifying the truth during these years. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.

1. Eliminating Selfishness, Breaking Through My Personal Notions, Clarifying the Truth

It is the mission of Dafa practitioners during the Fa-rectification period to step out to clarify the truth and save sentient beings. It is also a process to break through old limitations and rid oneself of selfishness. The first person that I clarified the truth to was a shop owner. After I bought something in his shop, I started chatting with the owner. While he took his time to tell me about his business, I was thinking hard, trying to find an opportunity to clarify the truth to him. I thought I had fully prepared myself. But I still felt a bit scared when actually clarifying the truth to him and encouraging him to withdraw from the CCP. But I knew I shouldn't lose the chance again and again, though the first step is the hardest.

I talked to him briefly and quickly changed the topic to "Heaven will eliminate the CCP and you will be safe once you quit the CCP." As soon as I mentioned the three withdrawals, he cheerfully said to me, "I quit the CCP quite some time ago. A few people have told me about this. I often see it written on paper currency. I withdrew from the CCP a long time ago!" I found it difficult to clarify the truth and encourage people to withdraw from the CCP for the first time. But our fellow practitioners had already delivered the message to him and he had already withdrawn. At that moment I was a bit shocked, but I felt happy for the owner. Fellow practitioners' diligence in cultivation clearly reflected my selfishness and made me realize that I didn't do enough and didn't do well. At the same time, I was more determined to cherish future opportunities to save sentient beings.

Having eliminated my heart of fear, I didn't slack off at all and started to clarify the truth to people. The staged self-immolation incident was one of the topics that was always included in my truth clarification. I thought the truth of the self immolation had been known to everyone and didn't need to be mentioned every time, but from experience, I realized that it was still an important part of my truth clarification efforts. It still played an important and practical role in persuading people to withdraw from the CCP and in opening up their upright thoughts.

2. Clarifying the Truth to People Around Me, Starting with Small Things

During the truth clarification process, our fellow practitioners have demonstrated each person's unique abilities and characteristics. They harmonize the whole body rationally and with wisdom. Some practitioners produce "Minghui Weekly" and small pamphlets in color with assorted articles and pictures, and package them nicely. The materials look beautiful and solemn and everyone loves them. Some practitioners make full use of their own environments to make and distribute truth clarification DVDs and CDs. I have learned that many people around me want to continue to read the most recent truth clarification materials after they have read the previous ones. Through all sorts of means, I learned how to provide them with the Internet software to break through the blockade, so that they can learn the truth in the process. More and more people around me can now obtain the latest news on the Internet. The CCP's media has less and less control of the market.

More and more people know the truth, and the environment has changed greatly and rapidly. Some people say: "I know why the CCP blocks those websites. Many facts and positive news widen people's minds and make people no longer blindly follow or believe the CCP. After I read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party on the website, I came to recognize the evil nature of the CCP and to know the real meaning of the existence of life. Quitting the CCP was a very natural thing for me to do. I began recommending the website for breaking through the Internet blockade to more and more people."

Some other people said to me, "I often visit your Dafa website and found it very good and righteous. Your Master is so compassionate. We can get all of the Falun Gong books from the Internet. I keep an eye on articles exposing the persecution of Dafa by the evil CCP, especially the local ones. Falun Gong practitioners clarify the truth and save sentient beings. The things you are doing are not small things. You are marvelous and I admire your selflessness and courage. I acknowledge Falun Dafa is good, and that Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance is good."

Hearing this, I am often moved to tears for their lives being saved.

3. Becoming Rational and Mature in the Process of Truth Clarification

One day I met an old classmate who I hadn't seen for many years. After greeting each other, I asked him directly, "Have you heard about the three withdrawals to protect your life?" He said, "I have read some truth clarification materials. Somebody seems to have mentioned this to me. Isn't it a bit mystical?" I said to him calmly, "There is a miracle stone in Guizhou Province on which is engraved "Chinese Communist Party will perish." It is naturally formed and world renowned. Wouldn't you say it is mystical? This is a strong warning to the world's people that heaven will eliminate the CCP. You and I are not unfamiliar with the CCP's history of killing and its evil nature. The sound of the gunshots during the June 4th Massacre together with the bloody scene are still in people's minds. The CCP is coming to a dead end. In its persecution of Falun Gong, it harvests organs from living practitioners and kills innocent people. The international community condemns the CCP for its crimes. People who have rationality understood this have withdrawn as quickly as possible. Who wants to be buried with the CCP?

Hearing these words, he didn't say anything but he hesitated. I thought that he may still have fear and some deep concerns to be cleared away. If I pushed him to withdraw, I may get the opposite result. I had come across similar situations before. In order to persuade people to quit the CCP, I had sometimes argued with the other party and led them to have a rebellious mentality as a result. I pushed them in the opposite direction. Thinking of this, I didn't go to extremes to push him. I said, "You can also go to the website to make a statement of withdrawing from the CCP yourself when you are ready." His eyes opened up and he asked: "How? Which website? How can I open it?" I replied, "Open the Dongtai website. There are many ways to break through the blockade. The "Minghui Weekly" and other materials provide the latest address of the Dongtai website. You put the address in and hit enter, then you can browse with the site encrypted.

He found the truth and knew where the bright future was. Not long after that day, he happily told me that he had withdrawn from the CCP.

In the limited time remaining, I will cultivate in the Fa diligently and try to do the three things well. I will remember my mission, fulfill my vows, try to live up to the immense grace of Master's mercy, and live up to the expectations of sentient beings. I will strive forward wholeheartedly and try my best to do what a Fa-rectification Dafa disciple should do.