(Clearwisdom.net) There is a practitioner who has been taking lessons at a dance school in his spare time during the past four years. The tuition fee is only 40 Euro per month, and he attends the class weekly. These kinds of dance schools are quite common in Europe. People who attend the dance school range from toddlers to seniors, some over eighty year old. The instructors at these dance school and the principals of the schools must be highly accomplished or well-known dancers who have established themselves in the dance world; otherwise, they cannot teach.

Therefore, without much effort, this practitioner managed to invite a number of well-known people in the arts circle, from a city more than 200 kilometers away from Munich, to attend the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular in Munich. He also has many Chinese classmates and acquaintances who came to see the show as well. A well-known 70-year-old ballet dancer went with her husband to see the show. They not only bought tickets for the show, but also bought train tickets to get to Munich. After they arrived in Munich, they took a cab to get to the theater. This dancer also helped to promote the show and invited many people to attend. After they went back home, she was still talking about the show. When she was interviewed, she spoke very highly of Divine Performing Arts.

We all know that we should not wait until the last minute to find people who need to be saved. According to what this practitioner said, he didn't do anything special; all he did was develop relationships over the past four years, and his efforts achieved such a great effect, which couldn't have been matched by relying only on ordinary means, financial resources and time. What's the reason for his success? It's his day-to-day presence in society. Because people around you have get to know you after a while, they know that a performance recommended by you must be truly wonderful. This is just like putting away money into your savings account, where it can grow through compound interest.