(Clearwisdom.net) I'm a practitioner who has practiced cultivation for nine years. Since July 20, 1999, I have followed Teacher's guidance to cultivate diligently. I've distributed a lot of truth-clarifying materials and put up many posters, and I have never run into any danger until recently. During the past year, the evil took advantage of my loopholes on two occasions. The first instance was on July 6, 2007, when someone reported me to the authorities for clarifying the truth. The other happened on March 7, 2008. I had written the slogan, "Same World, but Different Human Rights," in four different places at a scenic area and was reported. Although I had come so close to danger, I remained safe thanks to Teacher's protection.

These two events, however, caused me to reflect seriously on the path of validating the Fa that I had taken during the past several years. I'm an elementary school teacher, and I knew I was capable of doing better on this path. I knew how to browse the Internet and print files. I was also capable of writing articles to validate the Fa. Nevertheless, up until this time, I had done only simple things that did not require too much time. I was reluctant to do anything that required ordinary people's technical skills because I felt they were too time-consuming. Writing an article -- composing and polishing the draft, printing the file, and sending it to the Minghui website -- took at least half a day, and the article wouldn't necessarily be published. Distributing truth-clarifying materials and putting up posters, however, could be accomplished well in just a fraction of the time. But after being reported to the authorities twice, I finally examined myself and thought things through. Did I possess ordinary people's skills for no reason at all? Why not use them for the Fa?

I then put a plan into action. I started by collecting one-yuan bills and printing truth-clarifying messages on them. I then gave them to fellow practitioners to distribute, and this method worked very well.

Meanwhile, I intensified my Fa-study. I persisted in writing an article every other day, and every week I submitted at least two articles to the Minghui website. I have already had six articles published, and this has had a positive effect on me.

I also adjusted my thinking and changed my method of just distributing truth-clarifying material without talking to people. Now I also carry small Dafa mementos with me every day. Whenever I meet a predestined person, I begin by clarifying the truth. Once the person begins to understand, I also give him or her a Dafa memento. This works very well, and it is certainly an improvement over my previous method.

Printed matter is lifeless. We can give it to people, but many of them just throw it away without reading it. However, if we explain the facts first and then give them truth-clarifying material and a memento, the result can be very different, and this helps us to save them. Teacher asks us to clarify the truth in order to save people. Distributing materials is no substitute for explaining the facts about Dafa.

Our practitioners who are capable should take action. Let's use our ordinary people's skills for the Fa. We do not possess these skills for no reason. If we neglect our abilities and limit ourselves to just distributing truth-clarifying materials, we are not meeting Teacher's requirements for saving people.

This is my personal understanding. Please correct me if there is anything improper. Thank you.