(Clearwisdom.net) I have frequently met practitioners who refuse to discuss opposing the persecution. They say, "Sharing about how to oppose the persecution is accepting the persecution. Considering how to expose the persecution taking place in brainwashing classes is accepting the brainwashing sessions. If we don't think of the persecution, it won't exist."

Many practitioners with this view were not able to deny the persecution. They didn't know what to do. As a result, they stumbled and fell. I would like to discuss this problem.

If you don't think of the problem, will it disappear?

Some practitioners believe the problem will disappear if you don't think about it. Practitioners with this view of the persecution have been persecuted many times. If we use the Fa to judge things, we will realize that all tribulations are relative to our attachments. It is true that a mental burden may weigh on our minds, but this is an attachment and will cause other tribulations. Conversely, if you don't think about the problem, will it disappear? Is this thought based on the Fa or does it come from our human notions?

Do we use human thoughts to avoid the tribulations of an attachment? Does this mentality comply with the Fa? Taking our minds off the problem to eliminate tribulations is indeed an attachment, but it is hidden. One practitioner with an attachment of fear avoided talking about brainwashing classes. He believed this was the way to deny the persecution. However, he was arrested. Only by eliminating all of our human attachments can we suppress the evil persecution.

Discussing how to oppose the persecution is not accepting the persecution

Some practitioners have said, "We should not discuss opposing the persecution in forced labor camps, because it means we accept the old forces using the forced labor camps to persecute practitioners." If we can keep strong righteous thoughts, we can totally deny the persecution and no evil will dare to approach or arrest us. They would be eliminated.

We should not just verbally reject the old forces. The purpose of rejecting them is to save sentient beings. Working against the persecution is cultivating ourselves to improve our xinxing. In fact, Teacher has made this issue very clear in the Fa teachings. Practitioners who refuse to talk about opposing the persecution, due to an attachment of fear, don't know how to reject the persecution. They were to some degree accepting the persecution when encountering tribulations, and we should learn a lesson from this.

It is normal for different opinions to be held among practitioners. We have different views, and we need to share and discuss. We should not stubbornly stick to our own views, but look inward during conflicts. We ensure the smoothness of our discussion by being willing to let go of attachments.

If there is anything inappropriate in the above, please kindly point it out.