(Clearwisdom.net) I have cultivated for nine years, but I am where I am today because of Teacher's protection. I often get emotional. I am filled with happiness and thanks after passing tests because I believe in Teacher and the Fa. At times I also have regrets about my weaknesses and not being able to cultivate to a higher level. No matter how the external environment changes, Teacher's arrangements for us are the best. However, we need to purify our minds to correctly walk the paths Teacher has arranged for us.

When the full-scale persecution of Falun Dafa began on July 20, 1999, I was astonished because I had not studied the Fa well. However, I realized that this was a test in my cultivation. I made up my mind to be persistent. I asked myself numerous times: "If the persecution does not end in eight or ten years, will I persist till the end? If I lose my job and do not have an income, or even if I need to beg for food, will I continue till the end?" In my heart I answered yes. This belief made me firm enough to pass difficulties with righteous thoughts when I was arrested. Yet, that same thought also affected my path and gave the old forces a loophole to persecute me, especially with enormous economic hardships.

I was arrested six times by the Chinese Communist Party authorities. Penalties of tens of thousands of yuan were forced on my work unit, which was deducted from my salary. I then lost my job and had no income. For four years, I had no salary at all. I cannot remember how many times my home was ransacked. All of my cash and deposit certificates were stolen by CCP agents. The CCP issued a warrant for my arrest across the whole country and posted an award of 50,000 yuan to be given to the first officer who arrested me. Many police officers desperately wanted to collect the reward.

Police officers expelled the family from the dwelling across from mine, occupied their house, and monitored my family around the clock. They followed anyone visiting my home. There was always a police car parked in the courtyard. When my family went out, the police broke into my home and illegally installed a wiretap device. My husband did not practice Falun Gong, but he was also arrested and sentenced. My son also did not practice Falun Gong and was attending a university far away, but he was subpoenaed. My daughter was given a heavy sentence. My family was so severely persecuted by the CCP that it almost did not survive.

In 2002, CCP agents persecuted me and four other fellow practitioners. The four practitioners were arrested and beaten to death. One of them was beaten to death the same night that we were arrested. Just to find me, the police raided the homes of all my friends. Bus stations, railway stations, highway checkpoints--all had police officers watching for me. CCP agents enlarged my photo and posted it everywhere. When all this began, I was upstairs in my home and noticed many police officers looking for me and running back and forth. In the eyes of ordinary people, I could not have escaped even if I had wings. However, I knew that I was a Dafa practitioner and that I had Teacher's protection. I got into a car that had a police license plate and drove away. I then went to Beijing and began a four-year period of moving from place to place to avoid being arrested.

In 2002, Beijing police at will searched people on public streets. I did not have any refuge on the streets and went to a fellow practitioner's home. Unfortunately, the practitioner's home was under surveillance. I sighed--this huge planet had no place for me! Then I received a phone call from my sister-in-law. She told me my brother was in Beijing. I went there and my brother rented a hotel room for me. I spent a year there. By that time, my whole family had been arrested, and I was under a lot of pressure. Still, I knew that I was a Dafa practitioner and I should only follow Teacher's arrangements. I put down my worries, and then my son's situation was fine. My husband was then released after two months of detention. In order to survive, we moved to a provincial town. My husband went to another area to do business. Three years later, my family bought a house in the provincial town. The environment is even better than that of my previous one.

In 2002, the city 610 Office chief, a persecutor who has since died, ordered my work unit not to pay my salary. Because of fear and not having enough righteous thoughts, I never dared to think about my salary during those years. The hidden thought I had was that some of my fellow practitioners had been beaten to death, so how did I dare to ask for my salary? In 2005, I was still experiencing a very difficult time financially. One day while I was sending forth righteous thoughts, I suddenly had a thought that I should have my wages. The moment I had the thought, there was a voice in my ear telling me: "No problem." I returned to my work unit and requested payment of my wages. The process was magically smooth: from the 610 Office, the police station, to my work unit, I clarified the truth to them. They learned the truth and all of them quit the CCP. They even helped me to get my back wages paid, and I wasn't shortchanged even a penny. The miracles during the process all showed Teacher's compassionate arrangements.

My work unit is a large enterprise with over ten-thousand employees. I am a teacher in the associated school. There are a lot of students, and I know a lot of people. In 2000, everyone over the age of 50 in the enterprise was laid off. Although I was over 50, my name was not on the layoff list. The explanation was that I practiced Falun Gong, and they wanted to keep an eye on me. In 2006, the enterprise and the school became the property of the city. Wages were raised from a few hundred yuan to two thousand yuan. Those who were laid off that time are still appealing to the government. They envy me. Everyone in the factory still talks about my story.

Teacher said: "Master has prepared the best of everything for you, but you need to make it there!" ("Teaching the Fa at the 2005 Manhattan International Fa Conference") There are other practitioners I know who have experienced economic difficulties. They are now rich. We know that this is given by Dafa.

I have a big family. All my relatives know my story. They now all say that Dafa is good and have quit the CCP. My former classmates, colleagues, friends, and students also know my story. Many of them have quit the CCP.