(Clearwisdom.net) When I heard that one of our fellow practitioners from Dalian had died due to persecution by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), I could not hold back my tears. We are now approaching the end of the Fa-rectification period. Less and less evil exists, so I believe that the death of this practitioner is attributable to every practitioner in Dalian. The safety of a fellow practitioner translates to the safety of our entire group. Every practitioner should look inward on the basis of Fa. Have we ever thought about our fellow practitioners? Here are my thoughts about this practitioner's death:

1. Admiring and Depending on Others Harms Both Oneself and Others

The man who died was highly respected by other practitioners for his strictness to himself, diligence at work, kindness when talking to others, willingness to exchange his experiences and understanding with different Fa study groups, and ability to search inward. Therefore, all practitioners who were familiar with him praised his cultivation path and enlightenment. They started to admire him, using him as a role model instead of adhering to the Fa, which repeatedly reminds us that there are no role models in cultivation.

They heavily relied on him, often asking for his opinion on any issue. Teacher gave him hints before he was arrested and others also reminded him. He eventually realized that he should not be hand-holding other practitioners, cultivating for them. Thus he stopped attending group Fa study. However, the fundamental problem was not resolved. Other practitioners still admired him and kept asking where he went or whether he had been arrested. Their kind of behavior created tribulations for him by giving the evil excuses for persecution. What was even worse was that when other practitioners heard of his arrest, they did not send forth righteous thoughts to disintegrate the evil persecuting him, but instead, they merely stopped having group Fa study. Group Fa study is a practice established by Teacher, not by a particular practitioner. For whom are we cultivating? We need to study the Fa more diligently and treat the Fa as guidance for our cultivation to rectify our every thought and action.

2. Not Completely Rejecting Old Force Arrangements

It was said that that this practitioner had been arrested five times, but each time he was released after holding a hunger strike. Thus, he held a hunger strike this latest time, too. There have been many articles on hunger strikes on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website. It all depends on what basis you stand when holding the hunger strike. This practitioner was able to get released in the past due to Teacher's benevolent protection, and his own righteous thoughts. But this time, he did not completely reject the old force arrangements, nor did he realize that holding a hunger strike was not what was arranged by Teacher. Therefore, a practitioner should not repeatedly use a hunger strike as the only solution. Otherwise, evil forces can take the gap in understanding as an excuse to increase the persecution.

We should openly clarify the truth, save sentient beings, look inward and disintegrate evil with our righteous thoughts. A gap in an individual practitioner is also a gap in us. The Fa-rectification is not yet complete, so we can still close the gaps that exist in our cultivation.

3. Reminding Practitioners in Dalian City of this Lesson

The death of this practitioner was caused not only by evil forces, but also because we, as a group, had omissions that were taken advantage of. This incident is a wake up call for us: We should treat the Fa, not an individual person as the guidance for our cultivation paths all the time. No matter what happens, we should stay calm and not show any human attachment or sentiment. Otherwise, we follow the old force arrangements. We should cultivate diligently, not admire or depend on any person, not follow other people blindly but treat the Fa as the guidance for our cultivation, be responsible for the Fa, and harmonize what Teacher wants of us. Good collaboration among practitioners will make us as a diamond-solid whole.

Please point out any misunderstandings I have.