(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, practitioner A was interfered with by sickness karma. Many practitioners took turns going to her home in groups to send forth righteous thoughts for her and share with her. During that period, some practitioners met with some interference, for example, headaches and sore throats, etc. However, the practitioners did not give up and persevered in helping her. Despite the practitioners' efforts, practitioners A did not genuinely look within and her xinxing did not appear to improve. In addition, she began to become dependent on others' sending forth righteous thoughts.

I had not been to her home, but sometimes I sent forth righteous thoughts to help her. Once I saw that the righteous thoughts were very strong (colorful substances), very dense and filled the whole dimension. There was no space among the righteous thoughts. Several demons were very scared and individually hid in black holes of different sizes. Colored gong was unable to enter the holes to eliminate the demons. At that time I did not see it clearly, and so I did not remind practitioner A in time and thus a few days ago practitioner A passed away. Today when we sent forth righteous thoughts together, I clearly saw the same scene again. I realized that I should share this with fellow practitioners.

In my opinion, because the practitioner had loopholes (in other dimensions the loopholes were black holes), the demons could avoid the righteous thoughts. The bigger the loopholes are or the stronger the attachments are, the bigger the black holes are. The black holes become hiding places for evil beings. As a result, the practitioner will be persecuted. While helping fellow practitioners, we should not blindly send forth righteous thoughts. We should share with the practitioner who is in tribulation and match the remedy for his attachments, and look back and analyze together and search for the xinxing problem according to the Fa. Only the practitioner himself can realize his attachments and correct them and meet the requirements of the Fa. We can help to get to the roots of the problems and thereby genuinely help that practitioner. We all tried to help practitioner A. Regretfully, she did not realize her attachments and could not get rid of them for a long period of time, resulting in her ending her cultivation.

I would like to review the process of eliminating my attachments. Sometimes, practitioner B had the attachment of jealousy and therefore argued with me. Regarding this, I was tolerant but only on the surface and actually was a little irritated. Practitioner B asked me to go out to clarify the truth with her, but I refused because I felt that she was not good at clarifying the truth and would be an obstacle for me. I looked down on her, so I refused to go with her. During a period of time, I had not been in a calm state of mind while sending forth righteous thoughts or during meditation. Later, I nearly argued with her on one occasion. During that period, I realized my attachments of jealousy and putting myself above others. I immediately looked within and eliminated those attachments. At that moment, I saw that half of the tall wall in other dimensions disappeared. I continued to eliminate the attachments. Gradually the other half of the wall disappeared. It was the bad notions and attachments that formed the gaps between the fellow practitioner and me. I really should not have blamed the other practitioner. Sometimes I read the book in a hurry. When I get rid of the attachment of impatience, I become calm again.

There is a saying in ordinary society: One hand alone can't clap -- it takes two to make a quarrel. When practitioners do not cooperate with each other, complain, have gaps or have sickness karma for a long period of time, we should look within immediately and examine our attachments and get rid of them. If we do that, all the interference will disappear.

April 21, 2008