(Clearwisdom.net) I found a crack on the exhaust pipe of my motorcycle yesterday. I drove to a shop and was told that I needed to take the motorcycle to a general repair shop first to remove the pipe, then take the pipe to the welding shop, and then back to the repair shop to have it replaced.

The owners of the welding shop were a couple who had been laid off from their previous jobs. While I was pondering how I could tell them the facts about Dafa, the husband suddenly asked me where I lived and worked. It took me by surprise and I felt a bit of uneasy, but I thought of my responsibility immediately and I knew that I should not pass up anyone who might have a predestined relationship to know about Dafa. I sent forth righteous thoughts while I told them the facts, and asked them to quit the CCP and its associated organizations. They told me that they never joined the CCP, but they happily accepted the facts I told them.

On my way to the general repair department after the welding was done, I met an official, and a small business owner that I had missed telling the facts too because I had been in a hurry. I went up to them and told them the facts. One of them quit the CCP afterward.

At the general repair shop the owner was getting ready to paint the pipe when he found three pinholes that had not been fixed. He asked me what I wanted to do. It occurred to me: "The fact that the exhaust pipe still had leaks after welding cannot be an accident." When I looked inward, I decided that it must be either because problems existed with my xinxing or I had not thoroughly told them the facts. I decided to go back to the welding shop to have it fixed.

Not long after I was on the road I met an old principal I had clarified the truth to before. He had not quit the CCP yet. I stopped and talked with him again to clarify the truth and he happily quit the CCP.

Returning to the welding shop the owner said his welding rod had been used up. I then rode the motorcycle to an electrical supply shop. The owner looked familiar. He took out a welding rod, insisting that it be on the house. I accepted it finally. On the way back, I felt uneasy. It was a small shop. Taking it without paying, I would lose De; and in the meantime I had tarnished the image of Dafa.

When I got back to the welding shop, I let them fix the three pin holes. I found out the price of the welding rod, and told the owner what I intended to do. He sighed: "In today's society, a righteous person like you is just too scarce."

When I got to the electric supply shop, the owner asked me if I needed some more help. I gave the money to him: "A cultivator cannot take advantage of other people. I come back to pay for the welding rod." "It was nothing, and you are an official. Why take it so seriously?" The owner and his wife smiled. I took the opportunity to tell them that all practitioners are cultivating according to the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance", and the facts of the persecution of Falun Gong. They gladly quit the CCP.

Later, when they were replacing the exhaust pipe, I talked with a local official about the heavenly principle that persecuting practitioners will be punished, and cited some local examples. He was quite shocked, and indicated that in the future he would no longer persecute practitioners, nor would he destroy Dafa materials.

The crack and pinhole on the exhaust pipe of the motorcycle were both fixed, those with predestined relationship were saved, and I got rid of the remnants of my attachments to profit, fear, saving face, and complacency. Most of all, I have restored my confidence in saving people and the will power of being diligent. ""Cultivation depends on one's own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one's master." Zhuan Falun. I, as well as sentient beings, are just unable to return the favor of Teacher's benevolence, careful and wonderful arrangements, and His salvation.