(Clearwisdom.net) The Institute of Radiation Medicine, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, is located at 238 Baiti Road, Nankai District, Tianjin City, near the rear gate of Nankai University. In recent years, the authorities of this institute have been following a policy a persecution. Since July 20, 1999, many practitioners have been illegally sentenced to forced labor, fired from their jobs, or forced to transfer to other jobs. In 2003, Zhou Jiwen, Director and Party Secretary of the Institute, died of pancreatic cancer after conducting an all-out persecution effort directed toward practitioners and directed by Zhang Lichang, Party Secretary of Tianjin City. In 2007, Zhang Aili, who took over the Institute's director/Party secretary post after Zhou Jiwen died, was hospitalized due to breast cancer. Zhang Lichang, Tianjin City's Party Secretary and mastermind of this persecution effort, and Song Pingshun, Party Secretary of the Committee of Political and Legislative Affairs, both died from retribution. Li Baojin, Head of the City Supreme Procuratorate, and Wu Changshun, Head of Tianjin Police Department, have been both under "detention and investigation" during the past few years.

However, the leadership of the Institute is showing no repentance and still continues their all-out persecution. Recently, Ms. Zheng Hongwen, a practitioner, was reported while she clarified the facts about the persecution, and is now under house arrest ordered by Party and Administration officials lead by Fan Feiyue, head of the Institute. She has been deprived of physical freedom for over a month. Prior to July 20, 1999, Ms. Zheng was a typist in the Institute's head office. In 2000, she was illegally imprisoned at the Banqiao Forced Labor Camp in Tianjin and then sent back to the mail room after she had been forced to sign the three statements. Ms. Zheng is honest, kind, and hard working. In 2006, in order to negate the persecution, she resumed studying the Fa and practicing. She became more healthy both physically and mentally and used this fact to clarify the facts. During the last few weeks, she has been locked up in an office on the third floor of an administration building. The officials have been taking turns talking to her in an attempt to force her to write something. With strong righteous thoughts, Ms. Zheng has not complied, and they are threatening to hand her over to the police.

Fan Feiyue, Institute Head: 86-13502190218 (Cell)
Zhang Aili, Party Secretary: 86-13803028447 (Cell)
Zhang Jianhong, Deputy Head: 86-13820069900 (Cell)
Yu Yi, Party Office Manager: 86-13920709252 (Cell)
Wu Qing, Manager of the Institute Office
Li Qiang, Logistics Manager, responsible for Ms. Zheng Lihong's lock-up: 86-22-85683032 (Office)
Liu Fang, Head of Workers' Union: 86-13820715296 (Cell)
Liu Qingfen, Director of Scientific Research Division: 86-13920388417 (Cell)