(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioners have been making mistakes for various reasons and their attachments can cause damage to the Fa. Teacher has been correcting us with his articles. However, Teacher seldom talks about the issue of lust, but every time he talks about it, the tone is extremely serious. Still, many practitioners with problems on this issue don't take Teacher's words seriously. Some practitioners just can't control themselves, like they are on drugs--they swear that they will never do it again after making the mistake and then repeat it over and over. As the Fa-rectification is approaching the end, I decided to write down what I see in other dimensions to warn those who are still making this kind of mistake. My third eye has been open since I started the practice. When I was forced to leave home because of the persecution, I made mistakes on the issue of lust, and the interference from other dimensions got more frequent and severe.

The Crime is More Serious When Committed Knowingly

Before I made the mistake, each time I became intimate with the opposite sex, I would see a great number of bright dots in front of me and the number increased even more when we got even more intimate. I dared not cross the final line, for I knew the evil would win if I couldn't control myself. Unfortunately, when I finally had intercourse with a man, I couldn't see his face, because the numerous bright dots were connected and became a solid plane. I shed tears immediately, and the persecution in other dimensions never relented after that.

Initially, I dreamed about falling from the top of a mountain and beings in various weired shapes surrounding me, trying to pull me down. I called out to Teacher. The dark cloudy sky cracked open and a giant hand came down and pulled me out of the rotten demons. I was terrified after I woke up, knowing that I had made a big mistake. I quickly knelt down in front of Teacher's picture and swore that I would never do it again. I begged for Teacher's forgiveness, but I didn't keep my promise, as I made the same mistake over and over again. The scenes I saw in other dimensions got worse and more terrifying. Eventually, every night I saw that I was being tortured in hell.

Practitioners having inappropriate sexual relationships may think that their physical bodies are not changing much, but their bodies in other dimensions are truly suffering in hell. Hell is full of horror and filth. My Main Spirit could go to other dimensions, and I could often feel what my body in hell was going through. There are many levels of hell, and it gets worse for each level down. When one enters the next level, one has to first suffer what was suffered in previous levels. The punishments I most often received were blood pools, burning, and sawing. The blood pools are filled with blood. People who have inappropriate sexual relationships are completely submerged in the foul, sticky blood. The blood is icy cold and full of decomposing corpses and maggots. The broken limbs in the pools were so scary that I kept my eyes closed, but I could feel the maggots swimming through my mouth, nose, ears, and every sweat pore. It felt so disgusting. I couldn't move because the broken limbs held me down. Similar punishments included feces pools and snake-scorpion pools. The punishment of sawing goes like this: two ghosts held me down and one uses a giant saw, splitting me into two, from head down. I couldn't withstand even a few seconds of the excruciating pain. My Main Spirit left the body in the dimension, but I could see her suffering. In the punishment of fire, people are thrown into lava or molten steel. Another punishment I went through was being thrown into a pool full of piranhas. The fish ate me piece by piece until I had only bones left. The pain was unimaginable.

When I suffered the above punishments, it didn't help when I called out for Teacher's help. When a person commits an ultimate crime, this person needs to be punished. I discovered that if I could memorize the Fa as I was being punished, I could be relieved from the pain and go up the levels until the human ground, and I could temporarily escape from the punishment. I remember that when I was memorizing Lunyu when I was in hell, my body rose little by little. Others being punished were so eager to grab onto me, hoping that they would drag me down or I'd bring them out as well. However, it's hard for a person to remember the Buddha Fa when in hell. I often forgot the Fa in the middle of reciting it and fell right back down again.

My World (I)

One time I went back to my world, which was covered in darkness and everything looked gray. Many magnificent buildings still remained. I saw only a few sentient beings and they took me to a palace. I saw my beautiful mother. She cried, "You disappointed me! Your world lost everything and the only one left is you! You used to be so innocent." I felt terrible and told my mother that I was wrong. I asked her whether the person I had sexual relations with was a demon and my mother said, "Yes, it was. It has always wanted to hurt you and before it succeeded, it reincarnated into a human." She also told me that I didn't have any of the thoughts of lust before I became a human, "Child, one day you will realize that such an attachment to lust is very filthy." I asked her whether I still have a chance, "I felt so sorry for my sentient beings. Is there any way for them to come back, even if that means I have to disappear?" My mother said, "If you think this way, you still have a chance." Despite all this, driven by strong attachments to qing, I didn't change and still continued to make the same mistakes. Soon I saw another world. Half of it had disappeared and the other half was on its way. In the grayish sky were blood-red clouds and the rivers were the same color. A giant monster was swimming in the river. One could see the past glory from the remaining buildings, but there was no sign of living beings. All the buildings were black and their surfaces were covered with a tar-like substance and dirt. The scene was horrifying and hellish. The little god statues on the buildings were covered with dried blood. There were only a few gods guarding that world. They worked hard to remove the dirt from the buildings every day. My heart was bleeding, knowing that it was impossible for them to clean such dirty stuff, yet they still wouldn't give up.

My body in that dimension was rotten and couldn't move. There was black liquid running out of it and millions of ants and bugs were eating it. I laid there with my tears streaming down. There were two gods near me thinking that I was in deep sleep. I heard one saying, "Can her body still recover?" "No, the injury is too deep, and besides, she committed such a serious crime."

My World (II)

Our organs represent different worlds in other dimensions. Practitioners with lust issues carry a great amount of karma in the reproductive organs, and the world represented by these organs look horrible. I saw the sky crack open, with blood dripping down. There were frequent earthquakes. What I saw the most were corpses and monsters, and not a single sentient being. I dared not to think where they'd gone, and I blamed myself. Everything in the world was broken down, and rundown shacks were everywhere. The blood on the ground was up to my ankle. When I walked past a dark red river, all of a sudden I could see what the river used to look like--a golden color, broad and warm. Back then, people floated on top of it and moved with the water. It was so shiny and so beautiful. People called it Mother River. Later I saw a group of snakes and fought with them, eliminating them in the process. After them, there were many scorpions and spiders. I was exhausted after I destroyed all of them and was injured. All of a sudden, all of the beings in the area froze and looked terrified. I felt the ground trembling. The beings fled, yelling, "Satan!" As it came close, the ground shook so badly that I became afraid and hid behind a rock. I saw Satan, so enormous with long spiral horns on its head. I felt nothing but terror; I was sweating and dared not to breathe. It knew that I was there and looked for me. It found me and walked towards me. I was so scared that I had to interrupt my meditation. I looked back with my third eye, and saw that the Satan had my body in that dimension in its hand and tied me up.

The evil lives spread like cancer cells in other dimensions, destroying all the beings they come across and occupying that space. The evils beings continue to spread as long as the inappropriate sexual relations continue. The beings who live in the places that are about to be occupied by the evil flee before them. I used to see in an occupied place that there were many monsters living in a volcano. The monsters ate the men they caught and ravaged the women or fed them to snakes and bats. I hid far away and watched it happen, terrified.

Filthy Dimensions

After I made mistakes on the lust issue, I always dreamed that I was submerged in feces, or slept in a restroom, or bathed in a toilet. Having inappropriate sex is such a dirty act, not only morally but manifested materially in other dimensions.

In my dimensions, there were cracks everywhere and numerous monsters rushed into those dimensions. There is dirty water everywhere. There is a place where there are bags of garbage piled up all the way to the sky.

Once I started to have casual sex, I was chased by all kinds of demons every day. They attacked me once they caught me. I wasn't strong enough to fight them. Every time I called to Teacher for help, I saw rays of light shining through the dark clouds with numerous deities and celestial warriors. Teacher sat on a lotus in the midst of it. He looked hurt and worried, but could not help. The gods around him looked indifferent and watched me being attacked. I knew there must be a reason that Teacher couldn't help me. I hated myself so much for making those mistakes, for being so passive, and for letting Teacher down. I hated the demons. From then on, I stopped calling to Teacher for help in such situations because I didn't want Teacher to feel so sad.

One time I saw a demon that looked like a crocodile come after me. I couldn't stand them anymore. In my mind, I wasn't thinking about how to escape but how to eliminate it. I didn't want to take it passively; I wanted to cleanse my dimensions and would not allow it to attack me. I fought the demon. When I was about to lose, I called out to Teacher. To my surprise, Teacher came down from the sky and the demon disappeared as he waved his hand. I hugged Teacher and cried bitterly, like I was trying to let go of my entire grievance. Teacher said, "Child, you did this to yourself." Teacher sat on the ground with his legs crossed and put my head on his knee. He took out worms from my ears one after another. He removed many filthy things from my third eye as well. As he was helping me, he told me, "Never make such mistakes again." I promised instantly that I would never make this mistake again. At that moment, I saw all the cracks in my dimensions close.

Attitudes of Gods and Sentient Beings

I read an article on the Minghui (Clearwisdom) website which noted that sentient beings of the practitioners who went astray often beg other practitioners to save their lords or kings. No matter what their lords and kings did, the sentient beings always wait patiently for them to wake up. What do the sentient beings of practitioners who made mistakes in the issue of lust think of them? I saw anger and disgust in their eyes. They, even the children, stayed away from me when they saw me, as if I had a plague. I could feel that they were ashamed of me. I couldn't feel more ashamed when facing them.

What is the attitude of gods? After I made mistakes on the issue of lust, I was often interfered with by demons of lust in other dimensions. They grabbed me, and I struggled. Suddenly golden beams shined down from the sky. When the demons stopped to look, I took this opportunity to run to the light. An immeasurably beautiful little fairy dropped me a long water sleeve and pulled me up to the sky. The demons couldn't catch me. I was very heavy and went up slowly. It felt like a long time, and I finally stopped in front of the celestial gate, where there were many celestial warriors. There was a senior lady whom I immediately knew was the fairy's mother. She looked so elegant and poised, but with anger on her face. She blamed the fairy who helped me, "Why did you bring her here? I will not let her in." I saw the little fairy explain to her mother anxiously. I realized that I was her good friend when I used to live in heaven. Now her mother would not let me in, for she didn't want me to contaminate her home. I was hurt, humiliated, and felt wronged. I couldn't stand the condemnation and jumped down right away.


The old forces would do anything to persecute practitioners who made mistakes on the issue of lust. There is a giant web in another dimension that is used specifically to catch these practitioners and intensify the persecution. The old forces' reason is that these practitioners committed the most heinous crime and show no remorse. The old forces hated most the practitioners who made mistakes the second time after they swore they'd never do it again.

Sometimes the old forces held these practitioners' Main Spirits for a long time, attempting to have their physical bodies die. However, the just gods always prevented it from happening. An enormous demon with a huge knife in its hand wanted to kill me, but gods around me grabbed me and ran like crazy. When the demon was about to catch me, a fairy would step in front of it, trying to block it. She died to save me. In the end, I saw body parts of those who tried to save me lying on the ground everywhere. They used to be beautiful fairies, and I was so sad. This happened all the time. I didn't understand why I couldn't fight the demon and could only run. Later, some gods told me that if I didn't stop the wrongdoing and didn't make public what I did, the demons would have an excuse to continue the persecution and will intensify it.

The above is only what I see and there are many worse things I didn't write down because I don't know how to describe and explain what I saw. In short, the damage on the surface and in other dimensions is immense.

Finally, I want to stress that we must look seriously upon the attachment of lust and desire. For both the old forces and righteous gods, it is one of the most serious crimes in the universe and all sentient beings consider it shameful. Teacher talked about it in "Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles" with a solemn tone. Practitioners having premarital sex and affairs must repent and stop immediately.