(Clearwisdom.net) Gong Yu, a seven-year-old girl from Heilongjiang Province, often cries in front her parents' pictures. She also writes letters to her daddy and mommy and sends her drawings along with them. In one letter she wrote, "Daddy, when you return home, I will give you a cupful of my tears. Daddy and Mommy, please come home soon. I am a very good girl now. It's so unfair! I don't have my daddy and mommy at home because they believe in Falun Gong. Now Daddy will not even recognize me. I can't see Mommy, either."

Photo of seven-year-old Gong Yu

Photo of Kong Yu's father, Gong Fenqgiang

Little Gong Yu is anxious to have her parents back. She calls on all kindhearted men and women to rescue her father and looks forward to the end of the persecution.

Gong Yu's father, Gong Fengqiang, was arrested on December 22, 2006, and incarcerated in Yilian County Detention Center, where he ended up mentally traumatized from savage treatment. He could not recognize anyone, including his parents or daughter. Despite his condition, the police still sentenced him to five years in prison. He was sent to Lianjiangkou Prison in Jiamushi City. Family members repeatedly appealed to prison officials for medical help for him, but they were ignored. His health is deteriorating.

Gong Yu's mother decided to leave home to avoid police harassment. The girl's grandmother (Gong Fengqiang's mother) suffers from heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and several other ailments. She worries about her son. Grandpa suffers from recurring illness, yet he tries to ask people for help for his mentally traumatized son, that he might soon recover his health and return home. Nevertheless, his visits to all the authorities have only gotten him cold shoulders, excuses, rebukes, and even intimidation.

The Persecution of Gong Fengqiang

Gong Fengqiang was a miner in the Yilan Coal Mine, a hard-working, honest, and kind man. Everyone liked him.

In 2000, practitioner Mr. Gong went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. He was arrested and detained in Yilan County for 34 days. While in detention, the county police tortured him brutally. They beat him, pushed tooth-picks into his fingertips, and rubbed his ribs with sharp-edged, hard objects. Once the police used electric batons to shock him, making him vomit and lose control of his bowels. Mr. Gong's wife was pregnant at the time.

At 9:00 p.m. on August 12, 2000, police officers from Yilan County, agents from the Dailanhe Coal Mine 610 Office, and Dalianhe Town Police Station officers rushed into Mr. Gong's home with reporters and TV cameras. They were there to arrest him. His daughter was not even one month old. After the police took him away, his mother chased after the police outside and fainted. The police search left their home in complete chaos.

On December 26, 2000, Gong Fengqiang and his wife, Li Yanjie, and their five-month-old daughter, Gong Yu, went to Beijing to visit government agencies. They were arrested. Refusing to corporate with the authorities, Li Yanjie took her daughter and left home to avoid police harassment. Company officials sent Gong Fengqiang from Beijing to the Yilan County Detention Center on December 31, 2000. Police officer Han Yunjie, who has since died as a result of karmic retribution for his role in persecuting Falun Gong, then brutally beat him. Mr. Gong was sentenced to two years of forced labor and continued to be held in detention. This lasted until he appeared to be critically ill due to the ill treatment, and he was then released.

In September 2003, Dailanhe Coal Mine 610 Office agents attempted to capture Mr. Gong and his wife and take them to Shuangcheng Brainwashing Center. Mr. Gong escaped with the power of his righteous thoughts and left home for three months. After he returned he discovered that Dailanhe Coal Mine 610 Office agents had dismissed him without processing any of the proper paperwork. He became a tricycle driver to make a living.

On December 22, 2006, Gaoleng Forest Bureau police arrested him. His wife decided to leave home to avoid further persecution. Mr. Gong was locked up in Yilan First Detention Center. Guards used various methods to torture him, including dropping cold water on his head for a long time. He was tortured and became mentally traumatized. Despite his condition, a Yilan court still sentenced him to a five-year prison term.

His mental problem recurred several times during his detention, worrying his family. The family members repeatedly petitioned Li Baihe, deputy head for both the county police and the 610 Office, to have Mr. Gong evaluated for his condition. Li not only refused to honor the family's request, but also sent mentally unstable Gong Fengqiang to the Concentrated Training Team in Xianglan Prison for further persecution. The family got in touch with officials at Xianglan Prison and asked for a diagnosis and for medical care for Gong Fengqiang, but their request was denied. Guards from the Concentrated Training Team even said, "The central regime issued us an order that we don't have to treat Falun Gong practitioners according to the law. We can make our own arrangements. As long as they are still alive, we will accept them to our team. We will not release anyone, not even one in critical condition."

Gong Fengqiang was eventually transferred to Lianjiangkou Prison in Jiamusi City. His condition deteriorated. Prison officials again refused to allow him to receive medical attention in Harbin City as the family requested, but agreed to have him diagnosed at Jiamusi Mental Hospital and made the family pay 1,500 yuan for transportation and medical costs. No family member was allowed to be present at his examination. Gong Fengqiang still lacks proper care, and his condition is getting worse.

We urge kindhearted individuals everywhere to pay attention to Mr. Gong's case and help to rescue Mr. Gong and the other practitioners.

List of organizations or persons involved in this case:

Liu Qifa, Yilan County 610 Office deputy head, 86-451-57238610 (Office), 86-451-57239292(Home), 86- 451-55063608 (Cell), 86-13206528200 (Cell)
Zeng Fanhuei, Yilan County Police head, 86-451-57230353(Office), 86-13030073158 (Cell)
Xuan Zhenjiang, Yilan County Police deputy head, 86-451-57235206 (Office), 86-451-57233108(Home), 86-13303657006 (Cell)
Domestic Security Division:
Zhang Wenguo, team leader, 86-451-57227618 (Home), 86-13945121989 (Cell)
Song Yuzhe, deputy team leader, 86-451-57227499 (Home), 86-13936483388 (Cell)
Liu Dawei, First Detention Center Head
Wang Zhaojun, Second Detention Center Head
Wang Shuei, Political head for the Concentrated Training Team, Xianglan Prison in Tangyuan County
Lianjiangkou Prison, 610 Office and prison office, 86-454-8816610, 8816350
Jiang Feng, Head of Political and Judiciary Committee for the Gaoleng Forest Bureau
86-451-57194487 (Office), 86-451-57194598 (Home), 86-13303616598 (Cell)
Shi Yalin, director of Gaoleng Forest Bureau police, 86-451-57182702 (Office), 86-13796780555 (Cell)

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