(Clearwisdom.net) The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) pressured South Korea and coerced the KBS theater in Busan into canceling the Divine Performing Art's three shows, scheduled for February 26-28, 2008. But within less than a month, the Divine Performing Arts Company returned to South Korea and gave five shows in the fifth largest theater in Korea, the Suseung Artpia Theater in Taegu.

From the beginning of its global tour, the Divine Performing Arts has demonstrated to the world genuine Chinese traditional culture through its superb performances. Its shows have been highly praised around the globe. The CCP has never paused in attempting to bring harm to efforts by the Divine Performing Arts to promote traditional Chinese values. However, the CCP's interference did not bring damage to the show. Instead, it brought the message of the Divine Performing Arts Company to the public's attention. The CCP's interference resulted in attracting a larger audience to see the shows. At the same time, it showed the audience more clearly the true nature of the CCP, and that it is opposed to virtue and traditional Chinese values.

People in Taegu Say "No" to the CCP

When some people in Taegu learned that the Divine Performing Arts Company would not be performing in Busan, they sent an invitation to bring the Chinese Spectacular to Taegu. It came as no surprise that the CCP also tried to stop Taegu from hosting the performance. On March 17, Zhang Shuhao from the Chinese Embassy in Busan called the International Commerce Department of Taegu City and demanded that the city cancel the contract with the Divine Performing Arts Company, or at least prohibit government employees from attending the show. The Taegu government refused the request, which violates diplomatic conventions, and exposed this request to the media by stating, "What happened in Busan will not happen in Taegu. We wish the performance a great success!" Korean media praised the city government's response, as this reaction "safeguarded Korea's dignity."

A local newspaper published an article entitled, "True Traditional Chinese Culture from Prior to the Chinese Communist Party Era Comes to Taegu." Before the show, many local VIPs and celebrities sent greetings to the Divine Performing Arts Company and praised its efforts in promoting traditional values and culture while enduring great pressure.

Divine Performing Arts Show, "The Spectacular of Performance Art Business in Taegu"The show was performed in one of Korea's most beautiful and newest-built theater. It was a high-caliber performance, and it was difficult to obtain tickets. Kum Tae-nam, a city representative, described it well, "The best show hosted in the best venue."Two days before the first show, the tickets were sold out. Before the last show, after all the tickets were sold, a long line of people waited in front of the ticket counter, hoping to get a ticket. Many in the audience said that they came to the show out of curiosity after they had heard about the CCP's interference.

During the five shows, as soon as the curtain lifted and the glorious scene of heaven faced the audience, the audience applauded. After the last scene, "Victory Drums," and before the final curtain call, the generally reserved Korean audience showed their enthusiasm with a great round of applause.

Cho Guen-ho, the former Bucheon mayor, shared that he felt as if the dancers climbed down from heaven to dance, "At the beginning, I was rather excited. But, slowly my heart calmed down and I became more and more peaceful."

Cho Guen-ho, former mayor of Bucheon

"So holy, so powerful, so positive, and so gorgeous!" said Hong Long, a professor who teaches poetry, after the show. He felt that the performance set up a stage "...for the entire world and the entire universe." He said that he would express his feelings with poetry once his heart calmed down a little.

Painter Kim Kye-hee shared that the show purified her heart and brought her back to her childhood, "I feel like I'm looking at a clean stream from a very high place and the sun is shining down on the stream. It's so pure and transparent."

Kim Kye-hee, "The performance is like a child's smile--clean, pure and peaceful."

Yi Moshu, CEO of the Gum Jong Company, said she was thrilled, "My heart seems as if it's being charged with an electrical current. I couldn't believe that such a perfect performance exists in this world." She suggested that such a wonderful performance should be broadcast to the entire world.

Mr. Huwang Kyung-huan, CEO of Jinyang Tankship Shipping Company, said, "I felt as if I listened to musicians from Heaven who brought the message that the world's people should return to the truth and turn their backs to this chaotic world. It made me look back at my life. The show carries an important message. That is, people should be more mature and rational, and value virtue."

Ms. Doo Wol-yin, 94, said, "After seeing the performance, I'm sure I will live to be over 100 years old."

Ms. Doo, "I'm so blessed for the opportunity to see such a wonderful performance."

Huwang myung-sook, the Vice President of Hongwoo Corp, watched the Chinese Spectacular in Seoul. She returned to Taegu, her hometown, and took her good friends to the show. She said, "We should listen to the heavenly message and pass on the message to everyone. I cried while watching the show today. The tears came from my heart. I don't know how much effort the artists put into the show. I want to kneel to them and show my respect." She said about the CCP's interference that the people in Taegu were luckier than those in Busan, "The Chinese Spectacular is heavenly bliss to my homeland!"

Chinese Audience Member: "This Is What I Wanted to See and Hope All Chinese People Are Able to Watch."

Mr. Yang first flew to Singapore because he heard that the Divine Performing Arts Company would perform there, and then he took a plane to Malaysia, to no avail. Finally he was able to see the show in Taegu. After the show he said that his efforts were well worth it. This was the first time he had seen such a beautiful and powerful show. Two Chinese students said that they learned that the Chinese Communist regime banned the show in China. Yet, they were very curious and wanted to see the show.

They first purchased tickets to the show in Busan, and they were fortunate enough to attend the show in Taegu. One student said that he couldn't understand why the CCP persecutes Falun Gong. Now he understands why, after hearing that the Chinese official tried to interfere with such a wonderful performance.

Yang Zhengyuan, another Chinese student, said that he found the reason for living after watching the performance, "I always felt invisible pressure throughout my life. Life was so meaningless and I didn't know where I was heading. Today while watching the show, I felt as if I was in Heaven. The show helped me discover real Chinese traditional values. True traditional Chinese values were lost under the CCP rule. The CCP interferes in an effort to stop the Chinese people from learning about traditional Chinese culture and values. As a Chinese, I felt so ashamed."