(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioners have had on-line discussions about using a timer for sending forth righteous thoughts. One said that some practitioners had a sound file in their MP3 or MP4 players called "Music for Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts" which contained the melody of Pu Du with five-minute intervals so that it could be used to remind practitioners of the time to change hand gestures in sending forth righteous thoughts. Sending forth righteous thoughts is a very serious matter, as it is one of the three things we need to do well during the Fa-rectification period, and the author suggests that it may be inappropriate to use Pu Du as the "music for sending forth righteous thoughts."

I have the same feeling. The main issue is whether or not it is appropriate to use Pu Du to mark the time. Pu Du and Ji Shi are Dafa music, and they convey that Teacher is rectifying the Fa of the cosmos. Their in-depth meanings of magnificence, compassion, and solemnity cannot be easily understood by everyday people. Even practitioners can only understand up to a point determined by our own levels. However, some of us have cut out a small piece of it for other use and given it a new name: "Music for Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts." I personally consider this inappropriate. Thus, I am suggesting that we should use a clock sound or bell sound as the time reminder for sending forth righteous thoughts.

Recently the Minghui website provided a new MP3 file for this purpose, using the sound of a real bell. After having downloaded and used it, I find it very good. The bell sound is powerful and helpful in clearing my mind so that I can focus. I would like to recommend it to practitioners who are in need. Here is the link:


How to use: The sound of the bell is for practitioners' reference for the time to send forth righteous thoughts. The total time is 15 minutes. The bell sounds every five minutes: the first bell marks the time to start cleansing thoughts, the second bell indicates the time to start sending forth righteous thoughts, the third bell is to change the hand gesture if you want, and the fourth bell signals the conclusion of sending forth righteous thoughts.

March 19, 2008