(Clearwisdom.net) I feel that it is very important and critical to cultivate every single thought. In our daily life, we encounter tests of our xinxing. What we hear and see is telling us that we are going through tests. Whether we pass them or not, we know that these are tests in our cultivation and we should be aware that this is a chance to improve our xinxing. This is the manifestation in this objective world.

However, when we are not disturbed by the objective environment, thoughts from our subjective thinking are often ignored. It would be hard for us to realize that this is also a test. In fact, when our thoughts are not righteous, are human thoughts, or are attachments, aren't they also tests? Are they not just like the tests in the objective reality, those that provide us with a chance to improve our xinxing? They are all "tests."

When thoughts that are not very good emerge, we can use our righteous thoughts to counter them. We can return to righteous thoughts or eliminate the bad ones. This is the procedure for strengthening righteous thoughts and enhancing the thoughts of one's main consciousness. It is also a procedure to improve our xinxing. Otherwise, our human thoughts will be be strengthened and drag us down. This is a question of going up or down during our cultivation. From this perspective, we are cultivating ourselves all the time. We are positioning ourselves while choosing between human thoughts and righteous thoughts at every single moment. Thus, we need to cultivate every single thought. It is very critical to pay attention to our reactions to our thoughts.

I also realized that for those who had this fundamental attachment or strong human thoughts, we must cultivate even stronger righteous thoughts in order to put the other attachments down. Of course, thoughts that are forcefully added by the old forces should be denied and eliminated. The question of whether we can do better and are able to act from the very basics is all determined by how much we believe in Master and are faithful toward Dafa.