(Clearwisdom.net) Last night after school my daughter told me that their class was selecting students to join the Communist Youth League. In the past, freshmen in junior high were not allowed to join the league, as they had to wait until they were sophomores, and age 14 or older. But beginning last year, there were three slots in each freshman class, and this year the quota for each class was increased to six. By the time the second or the third year comes around, practically everyone would have joined the league. (It is obvious that the party is acting desperately before its final demise, using the children as its scapegoats). The kids were all very happy and rushed to apply, with my daughter being the only exception. The teacher asked her to go to the office to find out the reason, and about her family. She said that she just did not want to join the Youth League. Not now, nor later. The teacher did not say anything else and let her go.

When she got back to the classroom, she became an instant celebrity. Everyone wanted to know why. "You've got good grades, and the teacher liked you. You have a good chance of being selected. Why don't you want to join?" My daughter told them, "I suggest that you don't join either. I heard that Heaven is annihilating the Chinese Communist Party. Chinese people are all quitting the party, the Youth League, and the Young Pioneers, erasing the mark of the beast on them. Only in this way can they save themselves from the upcoming calamity. How can you join it now? What does joining the Youth League have to do with a person's academic achievement or which school he will be able to attend in the future? Listen to me. It is better not to join it." Her friends listened to her and rescinded their applications.

After listening to her story, I felt truly happy for her and her friends. All along, when people refused to quit the CCP or said that they would think about it when I urged them to quit, my husband and daughter were always by my side to help persuade them. They would say, "Why don't you agree to quit? This can only do you good, and won't do you any harm." I was very grateful to them, as they were helping me to persuade people. But in reality they themselves are here for the Fa. Although they may not appear as diligent as Dafa practitioners in the Fa rectification period, judging from their current states and what they choose for themselves, they must be among the elites of the next batch of practitioners. Teacher does everything, and in an orderly fashion. He saves the Dafa practitioners in the Fa rectification period, and the practitioners and sentient beings in the period when the Fa rectifies the human world.