(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Zhao Yingjie, 34 and unmarried, is a Falun Gong practitioner in Jilin City, Jilin Province. She was arrested on February 12, 2007, and imprisoned. In the middle of March 2008, her family went to the jail twice when they learned that she was severely ill, but the authorities refused to let them see her.

At about 9:00 a.m. on April 9, 2008, Ms. Zhao's family went to the Changchun City's Heizuizi Prison (Women's Prison) for the third time. The receptionist called a guard from the jail area, but nobody came until the receptionist made another call to Ni Xiaohong, the head of the jail area at about 11:00 a.m. Ten minutes later, Ms. Zhao Yingjie was escorted out with a respirator by a guard and a prisoner.

Ms. Zhao said that her pleurisy had progressed so that fluid had accumulated in her chest and abdomen, complicated by tuberculosis. When she was first taken to Changchun City's Women's Prison, those in charge of the jail rejected her due to the fact that she had tuberculosis. She was taken back to the detention center and her X-ray was falsified in Jilin Provisional No. 222 Hospital. The altered X-ray indicated that the tuberculosis had already calcified. But several days later, the entrance medical examination showed that the tuberculosis was still active, so the director of the detention center, who escorted Ms. Zhao, talked to deputy warden of the prison Wang. Prison officials then agreed to accept her and she was sent directly to Changchun City's Prison Administration Center Hospital (Police Hospital). Two months later, owing to the high expense, she was transferred to the prison's internal hospital and detained with prisoners with pneumonia or bad colds.

The family visit lasted only 10 minutes. The guard asked, "Are you Falun Gong practitioners, too? If so, you are not allowed to be here." Ms. Zhao Yingjie responded, "Falun Gong practitioners are good people."

In the afternoon, Ms. Zhao's relative went to see the warden and asked for the release of Ms. Zhao on medical parole He called Ni Xiaohong, and Ni said that Zhao Yingjie's condition was pretty good and she was served a patient meal with two eggs every day. Ms. Zhao's family wanted to see the X-ray, but Ni Xiaohong said that the jail physician was on vacation and would not be available for 12 days. So the relative asked to take Ms. Zhao out to see a doctor. Ni Xiaohong responded, "There is no such precedent. Who will pay for it ?" The relative said, "We will." However, Ni Xiaohon still denied the request.

Downcast, Ms. Zhao Yingjie relatives left the prison, heading for the bus to the train station. When they got on the bus, a dozen armed police headed them off and got them out of the bus The family members said that they were there for a family visit, but the police would not believe it until they made a call to Ni Xiaohong The armed police also searched their bags. Falun Gong practitioner Liu Fengrong's family members also experienced similar harassment by the armed police for about a half hour.

Changchun City's Heizuizi Women's Prison: 86-431-85375001

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