Watching the Chinese Spectacular by Divine Performing Arts and Learning the Truth

Ms. Chen, a lady in her forties, is from Qinhuangdao City. She has two bachelor degrees and is a sales manager in a joint venture. After she watched the video of the Chinese Spectacular, she was very excited.

She said, "I have loved literature and art since I was a child. But I haven't watched any performances for more than ten years, as they are too low class. After I watched the [Chinese Spectacular] performance, my eyes were brightened. It is so nice and so wonderful. This is what I want to watch and what I like. I wept from beginning to end. I was so moved. The lyrics of the six songs touched me and I recorded them, listening to them again and again. They seem to awaken me to some long ago memory. When I watched the program 'The Risen Lotus Flower,' at the moment when the heroine was beaten to death, was brought to Paradise, and knelt down before Buddha, I couldn't help weeping...... As for 'The Power of Awareness,' when I saw people together stop the police perpetrators from beating good people, I wanted to do the same thing. I shouted from the bottom of my heart that this was what I wanted and what I liked. I was moved so much."

Mr. Zhang, a general manager and senior engineer in a big architecture company, said after he watched the video of the Chinese Spectacular, "It is so beautiful, so beautiful, especially the backdrops which make you feel that you are part of it. I felt that we should live there and I had lived there. I want to practice Falun Gong and return to my fine home! "

Jingjing, a seventeen-year-old high school student, is studying vocal music. After she watched the video of the Chinese Spectacular, she said, "I couldn't sing at a low pitch before. But after I sang the songs of Ms. Yang Jiansheng [a contralto], I was okay. I could sing the six songs from the show and I sang them often. My teacher regards me highly and often asks me to show how to sing in front of others. I really appreciate that Dafa practitioner who gave me such a nice video. I want to say sincerely----Thanks. I wish eagerly that Divine Performing Arts could come to China for a performance and I hope the persecution will be stopped soon so that people will not be cheated any more and more people will benefit from it."

Dalian performing artist gives high praise for the 2008 Chinese Spectacular

In April 2008, a first level state actor highly praised the 2008 Chinese Spectacular after he watched it. He said that the performance was nice and revealed the Chinese culture. It was very Chinese in terms of the beautiful costumes, synchronized dances, and real performances (accompanied by live music). He also said that performances in mainland China were in a messy state.

Officer of Residents Committee: Divine Performing Arts Performance is Wonderful!

A practitioner sent a disc of the 2008 Chinese Spectacular to an officer of the Residents Committee and she later phoned the practitioner excitedly: "Thank you! It is so nice and so beautiful. I want to watch it several more times. Can I go on watching it?"

Old Woman's Illness Cured After Watching Chinese Spectacular

In 2007, when Divine Performing Arts just started to perform the Chinese Spectacular, a Dafa practitioner in mainland China recorded it, produced a disc of it, and dispatched it to friends and relatives. An older woman in a village in Laishui County watched the disc at her neighbor's home and then her face swelled. The older woman used to be wry-mouthed and would always squint. Her face was swollen for three days and her daughter-in-law suddenly stared at her and shouted: "Mother! Your mouth and eyes have been restored to normal!"