(Clearwisdom.net)On the last leg of its European tour, Divine Performing Arts touring company put on its first performance of the Chinese Spectacular at Munich's Prince Regent Theater on April 18, 2008. Many dignitaries, including politicians and celebrities, were among the audience. The thunderous applause expressed the audience's appreciation of the Chinese Spectacular for its successful rendition of the essence of the traditional Chinese culture. After the last curtain call, the distinguished guests shared their thoughts and impressions of the performance.

Government Official: Such a performing style cannot be seen in China

Mr. Wissel is a government official. He said he had some understanding of China, and has been interested in Chinese culture. After seeing the news about the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular in the newspaper, he decided to attend it. He said, "Being able to see such a wonderful performance, is just what I liked to hear and see, be it lyrics or singing, and also the candidness it presented. I think such a performance cannot be seen in China."

Mr. Wissel explained, "It has some political reason, people may be subjected to suppression, being arrested or beaten and other brutal mistreatment. Therefore, I was surprised to see such open and exquisite performance, making me feel very comfortable." He also felt the Chinese style that Divine Performing Arts presented, "The performance contained Tibetan arts, culture of Mongolia and other areas. I thought they did a good job, the colors, dances, stage backdrops and other aspects were superb."

Young Entrepreneur: Tonight's performance was a very beautiful experience

Ms. Jasmin Kindermann

Ms. Jasmin Kindermann is an import and export trader, and also the person in charge of Youth Entrepreneurs Club of Export Trade in Bayern, Germany. She and her father attended the premiere performance of the Chinese Spectacular.

"I really have to say that the performance this evening is incredibly awesome, really something very special. I can truly recommend to everyone to visit because one can learn so much about Chinese culture. They show many things from history, from different regions of China and I must say it is truly an awesome thing. Really magnificent."

"When I think about it I must say that the most interesting for me was the performance depicting how Falun Gong is being persecuted in China."

"For the audience to be able to witness this, they showed various aspects from all over China."

She said that besides deepening the audience's understanding of Falun Gong, the Spectacular also includes aspects from Tibet, and totally traditional "imperial" aspects.

" I find this a very interesting and successful assortment, having the audience truly witness something from different centuries and even from today's time depicting Chinese tradition and culture."

As her mother is from Taiwan, Miss Kindermann labels herself as having grown up in a "bi-cultural environment" and feels connected to China's culture. She said, "Chinese culture, I believe, is the most beautiful and interesting culture. It has several thousand years of history." She regrets that the original tradition was not passed on to the young people in modern China. She has been to Mainland China often and said she worries that children are provided little opportunity to access traditional Chinese culture. Many Chinese no longer recognize traditional Chinese characters," said Kindermann.

She continued, "Calligraphy or also traditional Chinese Medicine -- these doctors are dying off, because there is no one left to whom they can pass it on. Today's young people are no longer interested." "I truly wish that they will rebuild these again or put them under monumental protection, so that the rest of the world can also experience Chinese culture and thus it will survive. I hope that this will soon change toward the positive. Therefore, I find it awesome that this event is taking place. I also hope that maybe more encouragement and help will come from overseas and that the Chinese culture will be preserved."

Professor of International Politics: Chinese Spectacular embodies Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism

Miss Kindermann's father is a Professor of International Politics, and has done much study in China. He is also appreciative of the Chinese Spectacular. "[The performance] was impressive, and had artistic value. I liked the dances and music very much, including those drum performances. I think it has many Chinese classical things. Chinese culture contains three systems: Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. I saw the presentation of the three aspects in the performance. I'm sure even a person who is completely alien to China would be deeply impressed."