Guizhou Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Tu Xiaomin, 45 years old, was arrested on October 13, 2007 by the Konggang Police Station in Shunyi District, Beijing. She was transferred to Shunyi Detention Center from the Shunyi Jail on November 1, 2007. On November 8, five policemen sent Ms. Tu and another Beijing practitioner, Ms. Zhu Chunling (who is 48 years old) to the Beijing Labor Camp Dispatch Center in Daxing District, Beijing.

When they did a physical exam, the escorting policemen wanted to extract urine from Tu Xiaomin for testing. This procedure was not necessary at all, they just wanted to humiliate her. Tu refused. Two policemen pulled Tu to an X ray room. One carried her by her head, one carried her by her feet, and they pressed Tu Xiaomin on the bed to do the exam. Later they pulled Tu to a women's exam room. The policewoman on duty asked the policemen to pull off her pants. At that time, all but one of the police were men. In order to prevent Tu Xiaomin from struggling, four policemen cuffed her hands behind her back, while two policemen pressed her head and shoulders. Despite her cries and struggles, the other two policemen pulled off Tu's three layers of pants and underwear. Four policemen carried Tu to the chair, and two of them controlled her limbs, head, and body. The other two policemen grabbed Ms. Tu's legs and raised them up, exposing her private parts to let the policewomen do the exam. The policewoman inserted metal equipment into Tu's private parts up to her uterus.

Tu Xiaomin tried her best to struggle during the process and angrily rebuked them for their actions, but these policemen were not moved at all. While bearing this great humiliation, Tu also bore the pain of an illegal exam of her private parts. Tu's private parts bled until the next day. Her underwear was soaked with blood.

After the test, before Tu Xiaomin had pulled on her pants, several policemen came in. They said that they wanted to check whether Tu had an injury. A man in plain-clothes held up Tu's clothes, and showed them to a gang of policemen. These policemen's illegal behavior caused great mental anguish to Tu Xiaomin.

All Falun Gong practitioners from the Shunyi Jail will be transferred to the Shunyi Detention Center. Policemen there have been rough on Falun Gong practitioners. Any disobedience brings about beating and abuse. Ms. Tu refused to cooperate when the police were taking pictures, and her scalp was scratched until the skin was broken, and her hands, back, and arms were wrenched. A policewoman tried to convince Tu to commit perjury regarding other practitioners, confessions. Ms. Tu refused.