(Clearwisdom.net) I have noticed in recent reports on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website that the persecution of Falun Gongs in some places has escalated. Some practitioners were even persecuted to death. In addition, cases of severe physical persecution of practitioners constantly occur. I have read practitioners' sharing on this, in which they all talked about not acknowledging the evil persecution and resisting the persecution. This has been a popular understanding among practitioners. In fact, I believe this is cleaning out the remaining evils in the situation of resisting the persecution. But if we take a deeper look at the underlying cause, we find that we are regarding the issue with a selfish attachment, and the evil is taking advantage of our gaps to persecute us.

A fellow practitioner had been coughing for a very long time. The more people were around him, the worse he coughed. Sometimes, everyday people told him, "You should go to the hospital." Some said, "See, he is so ill, but he still refuses to go to the hospital." He was quite frustrated, and tried all means, such as reading Zhuan Falun all day long, sending forth righteous thoughts and sharing with other practitioners. However, the situation didn't improve much, and he was puzzled.

One day, an everyday person had a party. Many of his friends and relatives went to the party. I also went and arrived a little late. As soon as I sat down, he began to cough again. So we went to a corner to have a chat. I said, "You need to be responsible for the Fa. You feel better coughing out. However, how will these people feel about it? You should eliminate all the evil factors that interfere with our saving sentient beings." After this short sharing, he did not cough once for the rest of the party.

Here is another case. A few days ago, I encountered a senior practitioner. She told me about her son who was imprisoned and persecuted and had yet to recover. I went to see her son with her. Her son was doing the sitting meditation exercise when I arrived. He was very thin and very weak, and couldn't even say a complete sentence. In his eyes, there was peace, firm faith in the Fa, mixed with helplessness about his physical condition. When I looked at him, my eyes filled with tears. The old forces had persecuted our fellow practitioner like this!

I sat down, and asked him, "Can you walk by yourself?" He replied, "No. Yes, I can! Yes, Yes!" I noticed an instantaneous change in him. I smiled and patted him on the shoulder. His mother said, "Oh, your thought is quite righteous!"

His mother and he then told me how they tried to solve the problem. Other practitioners had tried to support him with righteous thoughts also. They were quite puzzled and confused why his condition didn't improve. So I shared my understanding on this issue. Right now is the crucial moment to save the sentient beings. As Dafa practitioners, we should demonstrate our godly demeanor. It's important to have a good personal image. We should be responsible for the Fa in every word we say and every deed we do. When we clarify the truth to everyday people, if they see from us how sacred and how extraordinary Dafa is, imagine the effectiveness of clarifying the truth. However, if what we show to the everyday people is illness, how will they think about us? What they see is only our suffering from the persecution. They will only feel scared and stay away from us. Even if they seem to agree with us, they probably are just being polite. To safeguard Dafa, we must eliminate all evil factors that interfere with our saving sentient beings, including the evil persecution of our human bodies. The key issue is our starting point. In front of tribulation or evil forces, do we first think about solving our own problem, or do we first think about safeguarding Dafa and saving the sentient beings? Different starting points leads to different results. After hearing this, he said, "This is a standpoint issue." All three of us smiled. The senior practitioner said, "We have been searching inside for a long time. Today you pointed it out to us." I said, "This is how it benefits practitioners to share among each other and to improve as a whole body. Master knows your situation and lets us have this sharing. It's all Master's arrangement."

Recently, I went to visit a practitioner. He told me, "I tried to convince a relative to quit the party, but he won't listen." A few days ago when I came, I met the relative he talked about. I asked that relative, "Coming here for fun?" He replied, "No. I heard that he (the practitioner) just had a minor surgery, so I come to take a look." When I heard the practitioner's complaint, I had some thoughts. It reminded me "Dafa practitioners suffer tribulation. The sentient beings suffer annihilation."

My fellow practitioners, when you are persecuted by the evil party or suffer from sickness karma, does it come to your mind that you should safeguard Dafa and save the sentient beings?