(Clearwisdom.net) In two recent editions of Minghui Weekly, there have been two articles published about the understanding of Olympics Games, written by fellow practitioners: "Using the Olympics to Save Sentient Beings with Righteous Thoughts" and "Some Thoughts on the Relationship between the Olympics and the Persecution."

The first article discussed several misunderstandings that practitioners from mainland China have on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-hosted Olympics and how the Olympics can be used for truth clarification. It was stated in the second article that the Olympics is merely an excuse for the CCP's persecution and that the Olympics has no inevitable connection with the persecution. It also discussed how we should look at this issue from the perspective of the Fa, so as to avoid losses. I was touched and inspired by these articles that allowed me to have a clearer understanding of how to use the Olympic Games coming to Beijing as a means to clarify the truth, and also how to treat the Olympics.

In fact, there is no difference between how we handle the subject of the Olympics and the CCP's "16th Congress" or "17th Congress." No matter what kind of grand show for the world the evil may be putting on, we cannot accept or acknowledge it, since Master taught us about the principle of "Complete Negation" and that we cannot even accept the existence of the evil old forces. Therefore, we must eliminate from our thoughts and notions the incorrect understanding that the CCP will do such and such to us now that they are hosting the Olympic Games. We must completely deny all the arrangements made by the old forces in every single thought. We must completely eliminate and reject the persecution. At the same time, we need to properly place ourselves; we must shake off any states of pessimism or passiveness, and instead pro-actively and with righteous thoughts do the three things well as Master has asked us.

A few years ago some people, including some of my family members, who have been poisoned by the CPP's various campaigns, and out of fear of reprisal from the CCP, said that: "by 2008 they'll do such and such to you." At that time I firmly eliminated this idea with righteous thoughts. We cannot accept or harbor the idea or notion of "The Olympics means to an increase in the persecution." We are Dafa disciples assisting Master in Fa-rectification and we are doing the most righteous things in the universe and no one has the right to use any excuse to persecute or to even interfere with any practitioner or what they are doing. Be it in the human world or in the three realms, this stage is for Dafa disciples to save sentient beings, and not for the evil to play out their wicked violence.

Since it is getting closer to the Olympics, my older sister came to my home a few days ago and asked whether I was strong enough to do heavy labor, and whether I would like to go and work at a construction site with my brother-in-law so I can stay away for a while. On one hand, there had been incidents of local fellow practitioners being arrested. On the other, I was somewhat well known locally as a practitioner and had been released from unlawful detention just a short while earlier. To put it bluntly, the job would have been secondary and the real intention was for me to stay away for a while, that is, to hide for a while. I immediately declined my sister's suggestion, since I absolutely had no such thoughts or notions.

In fact, there are some other practitioners who have had thoughts similar to my sister's. I heard that two fellow practitioners nearby (husband and wife) were so worried about interference that they sold their land and were planning to move away and work elsewhere. I felt disheartened when I heard about this. If a group of practitioners think this way, isn't this acknowledging the evils' irrational persecution and an encouragement of their irrational behavior? If every one of us can be as firm as a rock and have faith in Master and Dafa and reject any form of persecution by the evil with righteous thoughts and actions, we would be negating the old forces and eliminating the evil and would be responsible to all the positive elements of the universe. This is our duty.

The fact that the Olympics Games is taking place in China serves as great opportunity for Dafa practitioners to widely offer salvation to sentient beings, to completely eliminate the evil and to eradicate and terminate the persecution, in spite of the interference that may come from factors due to old force arrangements. Therefore, we must negate the old forces with righteous thoughts. We must steadfastly follow Master with righteous thoughts.

The above is my personal understanding. Please correct anything inappropriate.