(Clearwisdom.net) Nowadays, the truth about Falun Gong has spread widely. However, some people in the Qiqihar City government in Heilongjiang Province still persecute Falun Gong practitioners who believe in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance." The 1st Quarter of 2008 has seen incidents of murder, arrest and harassment of practitioners at the hands of police in that city. Some major incidents are listed below.

1. Deaths of practitioners as a result of gross abuse under the persecution

Mr. Xu Linshan, a fifty-seven-year-old practitioner from the Nianzi Mountain area, never stopped believing in the principle of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance" and strove to be a good person. Since the onset of the persecution of Falun Gong in 1999, he was arrested seven times, detained, sentenced to forced labor, sentenced to prison, and tortured many times.

On April 25, 2002, the Qiqihar police arrested him and ransacked his home. On orders from police deputy head Shi Shaoshuang, they broke a chair and used one of its broken parts to hit Mr. Xu in the chest, causing him to bleed immediately. Blood soaked his shirt, turning it red. Later on, the authorities took him to the Nianzi Mountain Detention Center where he was tortured to the point of horrifying disfigurement. On October 25, 2002, agents at the Nianzi Mountain Court sentenced him to five years in prison. He was imprisoned at Tailai Prison.

Mr. Xu Lishan was subjected to various brutal torture methods there, such as being stabbed with a needle and force-fed with highly concentrated salt water. In the spring of 2004, Mr. Xu sustained a broken hip from severe beatings and was bedridden. He then developed the following symptoms: edema, liver cirrhosis, liver ascites, renal failure, and meningitis. He was skeleton-like, and his face turned yellow. He also lost his memory and the ability to think clearly.

On December 31, 2005, Mr. Xu's family took him home. He suffered from torture-induced leg convulsions and could not straighten one of his legs, nor did he have any feeling in it. He had also lost control of his bowels and was unable to care for himself. Although Mr. Xu was bedridden, personnel from the Yuejin Police Station in the Nianzi Mountain area and those from his Neighborhood Committee threatened and harassed him and his family many times. Xu Linshan died at 12 a.m. on February 11, 2008.

In Qiqihar, there are tens of thousands of citizens who have refused to give up their belief in the principle of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance." Their salaries or bonuses are being taken away. They have been fined, fired from government jobs, detained, sentenced to forced labor, and sentenced to prison. Some have died as a result of torture. In some instances, their organs are taken while they are still alive, and their bodies are cremated to destroy evidence.

2. Arrests

On the afternoon of January 3, 2008, at around 3:00 p.m. or 4:00 p.m., the authorities arrested practitioners Wang Yuxian and Wang Xuqiu at Room 501, Apt. #2, Building 121, in the Guangrong Community at the Tiefeng District Automobile Company in Qiqihar City. Their home was ransacked. The following items were taken: a laptop computer, a VCD burner, VCDs, Falun Gong books, truth-clarification materials, and various other items.

Shortly after that, police began monitoring Wang Xuqiu's home and arrested many other practitioners.

Mr. Hao Wenxiu, a practitioner in his 50s, works at the No. 48 High School. He went to the Xinhua Police Station (in Jianhua District, Qiqihar City) on February 14, 2008 to request the return of his Falun Gong books, cell phones and other items that had been confiscated. He was arrested.

Xinjiang Road Police Station officials in the Jianhua District subjected Hao Wenxiu to ruthless torture. He sustained a broken rib from the beating. Participating police officers included police head Jiang Yanning, deputy head Han Dai, and officer Zhao Defeng.

On March 12, 2008, Xingongdi Police Station officials sent policemen to practitioners' homes to harass them. Some police officers from the Fulaerji District have lately also harassed practitioners at home.

Other policemen went to practitioners' homes and ordered them to fill out forms for no good reason. They demanded to know if the practitioners still practiced and attempted to photograph them. When the practitioners refused, the policemen chased and dragged them to forcibly take their photos.

At the same time, some people from certain Neighborhood Committees in the city and also community members knocked on residents' doors and requested to take their photos.

On the morning of April 4, 2008, the Wenhua Road Police Station deputy head Zhang Shoulun from the Jianhua District and another officer broke into a female practitioner's home in her absence. Her place was completely ransacked.