(Clearwisdom.net) I fortunately began practicing Falun Dafa in 1997. Since then my life has undergone a great change. With benevolent help from Master and the guidance of the Fa, I have been able to firmly walk my cultivation path. Today I would like to write down some of my cultivation experiences to and share with fellow practitioners. I hope it will help in validating the Fa and help fellow practitioners to improve.

The first time I read Zhuan Falun, I saw six or seven lines of words enlarge and become three-dimensional. When I read more, the words got even bigger. I feel that what Master said are all heavenly secrets. When I just started to do the meditation exercise, I could enter ding from the very beginning. I saw the sky was bright and clear, as if the sun was shining again after the rain, and there were three large characters--"Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance"--on a rainbow.

Through cultivation, gradually I was able to break through different levels. I experienced various supernormal abilities and could often see scenes from other dimensions. Usually, as long as I think about cultivation, the words "Truthfulness", "Compassion" and "Forbearance" appear in front of me. I enlightened that it is Master asking me to guide myself according to the principles of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" at every moment, rectify myself with the Fa, and be a genuine practitioner. Along the path of my cultivation, Master has been continuously revealing principles of different levels to me.

My main spirit was able to leave my body quite often when I was sending righteous thoughts and doing the meditation, and I could enter other dimensions and see a lot of things. It was vividly clear. Below are some examples of evil interference I saw in other dimensions--at my current, limited level and realm--that I would like to share with my fellow practitioners.

The Situation in Another Dimension When Practitioners Are Afraid to Expose the Persecution

One practitioner that I know was arrested and persecuted when clarifying the facts. After being released, this practitioner was frightened to expose the facts. She feared that the local authorities would arrest her again once they found out. Because she chose not to expose the persecution, I saw the old forces, dark minions, and rotten demons in other dimensions watching her and preventing her from cultivating, saying, "If she wants to cultivate, she needs to pay back all the debts that she owes us." I said, "How do you want her repay it?" The rotten demons said, "Let her pay the debt she owes by herself!" Just then, I saw a well. As they spoke, the dark minions carried her over and threw her down the well.

I saw a vast and dark dimension down in the well. As soon as they dropped her down it, many different kinds of creatures such as maggots and ants surrounded her, saying, "You must pay what you owe us!" and started to eat her. But no matter how hard these small creatures tried to bite her, nothing happened to her. They then said, "Why can't we bite her? It is because she practices Falun Gong and cultivates Zhen, Shan and Ren. That's why we are not able to touch her." I said, "You can't eat her. Let her come up." Right away she came back up the well to where she was before.

Then the wicked, dark minions and rotten demons told her, "You are not allow to leave because you have attachments and fear. You have omissions, so we must persecute you and we are not going to allow you to leave!" They formed two lines next to her, watching. There were two rotten demons holding big long knives, blocking her way forward, and another two holding long swords, blocking her way back--it was the same scene as a criminal being escorted to the execution ground.

I write this down in order to remind fellow practitioners that we must expose the persecution after being released. Let's not have the attachment of fear. Disintegrate the evil elements, join group Fa study, and improve our understanding on the Fa. Let's dig out those deeply hidden human attachments and share with fellow practitioners, catch up with the pace of Master's Fa-rectification, do the three things well, and walk the path to godhood in an open and dignified way.

The Situation in Other Dimension When Practitioners Fail to Write the Solemn Statements

A practitioner's daughter-in-law (also a practitioner) was sentenced to three years imprisonment by the local authorities. She gave up the practice due to fear. Fellow practitioners wanted to save her. After several practitioners, including me, were introduced to her, we shared with her and hoped she could return to the path of cultivation. When sending righteous thoughts, I saw in other dimensions that there were three evil spirits, many soldiers, and rotten demons watching her, stopping her from returning to the path of cultivation. She was holding a piece of paper the size of a book in her hand, there were words written on the paper. I asked her "Why are you just standing here instead of sending righteous thoughts?" She said, "It is not that I don't want to cultivate, it is them (the evil beings) that don't allow me to cultivate."

After sending righteous thoughts, she told me that she had written the repentance statementand had promised not to practice again. In other dimensions, this "repentance statement" is an agreement made with the evil; it is the same as a contract. That's why the old forces wouldn't allow her to cultivate. After sharing, this practitioner decided to write a "solemn statement" from her heart and expose those bad thoughts deep in her heart. After we finished sharing, when we were doing the meditation exercise, I saw in other dimension the same practitioner standing on lotus flowers rising upwards, leaving the environment of evil interference, until she reached the world where she was before. I saw her world had become the residence of evil beings. There were even troops guarding the place. I asked for Master's help and eliminated all the evil beings in her world with divine powers. All the sentient beings were saved. Now that practitioner has again started her cultivation steadily and is saving sentient beings.

The Situation in Other Dimension When Practitioners Have Doubts about Dafa

A male practitioner was a good friend of Practitioner A. One day, Practitioner A suddenly had the symptom of sickness karma and passed away after several days. This incident affected him and caused obstacles in his cultivation. He had doubts about Dafa, saying, "Practitioner A was a good cultivator yet he died." After that he stopped cultivation. His wife and daughter are both practitioners. They shared with him many times and finally they rescued him and he started to cultivate again.

Nevertheless, the old forces wouldn't let him go. As soon as he started cultivation again, he too had symptoms of sickness karma and felt suffocated.

They live in a village. Once they went to visit their relatives in the county, and some practitioners asked me to share with them in order to help him improve quickly. After we shared for a while, we kept sending righteous thoughts hourly. After righteous thoughts we would do the meditation exercise. In meditation, I saw that both of the practitioner's feet were tied up by evil beings. He was standing on a bench and was not allowed to leave. I said, "Why are you tying him up and not letting him go?" They answered, "He made mistakes, so we are punishing him." I said, "Let him go, let him cultivate well. When he consummates, you can become sentient beings in his world." They answered happily, "All right." Then they released him. Just as he was about to leave, a rabbit stopped him and wouldn't let him go. I asked, "Why don't you let him go?" The rabbit said, "It is his own fault. I am asking for the return of the things and life he owed me!" I said, "Let him go. When he reaches consummation, he will save you." The rabbit allowed him to leave. The roads we walked on are mountain paths. Along the hillside, there were other animals trying to stop us. I solved the problems the same way.

After we reached the top of the mountain, not far away we saw an entrance, but the door was still locked. The lock was very rusted, as if it hadn't been touched for many years. I told him, "The door is locked and we can't go inside." He said, "I have the key." I said, "Quickly, open the door!" The door opened. As soon as we walked in, the sentient beings inside said straight away, "Our Master is back. You didn't care about us after you left and were not trying to save us. We were suffering and waiting for you here. You finally came back. We have hope now." Just then we finished our meditation and came out of ding.

During sharing, his wife told us, "He used to like hunting. When I tried to stop him, he never listened to me. Now that he started cultivation, they want their lives back and are trying to stop him from walking on the path of cultivation. That's why he is having these sickness symptoms." I told him, "You must start cultivating diligently. The sentient beings in your world are waiting to be saved by you. Eliminate all the evil elements in your world with righteous thoughts, so the sentient beings can have a beautiful and nice home."

Since then, practitioners understood the importance of cultivation. If we don't cultivate well, it not merely affects us, it also determines if many sentient beings are saved or not. If we don't cultivate well, the sentient beings in our worlds will not be saved.

The Situation in Other Dimension When Our Minds Are Not Righteous When Sending Righteous Thoughts

I often join group Fa study. I noticed that those practitioners who are not doing well in "clarifying the facts" and not so diligent are usually those who don't study the Fa well, don't have good enlightenment quality, and lack righteous thoughts. When these practitioners send righteous thoughts, often their hand gestures are incorrect, and their hands often drop. When sending righteous thoughts, their main consciousness is not clear; they often doze off and nod. I saw in other dimensions the dark minions and rotten demons jumping around the dimensions of their hands, doing different things and having fun. They said while they were playing, "This practitioner goes to sleep while sending righteous thoughts; he provides us the space to have fun. We are having so much fun." This is giving the old forces, dark minions, and rotten demons the excuse to interfere. This is caused by holding on to too many human attachments.

The Dangers of Not Being Strict with Oneself

Some fellow practitioners' minds are not upright. Their hearts are not on cultivation, and the things they do are not on the Fa. These cause the interference of thought karma. No matter if it is the abnormal status of health or family conflicts, that is directly related to one's xinxing (moral character). I saw that the evil elements, dark minions, and rotten demons in other dimension often cause interference and persecute these practitioners.

Now we are at the final stage of the Fa-rectification. I suggest that fellow practitioners quickly help those practitioners who are yet to step out or are not so diligent to step out of humanness and become diligent. Help them join group Fa study and share with fellow practitioners. Let's help each other so that together we will elevate and improve, do the "three things" Master requires of us well, and catch up with the pace of Fa-rectification.

I wrote this to remind and help fellow practitioners to walk the rest of our path well.

The above is what I have seen and enlightened to at my current, limited level. Please kindly point out anything that is not proper.