The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) uses the Olympic Games as an excuse to justify its rampant persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners. This is the CCP's last struggle before it gets eliminated. We must be clear about this. We must get rid of our attachment of fear so we can send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate it and deny it. We won't be able to save sentient beings with the attachment of fear. It will also cause delay to the Fa-rectification progress.

The CCP's hysterical persecution actually made me more clear-headed. Why? I came to realize that the Fa-rectification is coming to an end while there are still so many sentient beings waiting to be saved! I still have many attachments and I haven't reached all the requirements for Falun Dafa practitioners. Is this acceptable? Absolutely not! Then what should I do? I should face my issues and strive forward diligently. I must adjust my attitude and do well with the three matters that Teacher asked us to. As a Falun Dafa disciple, I must try to save more sentient beings by making the best use of my time to clarify the truth to more people more efficiently.

It is not easy to explain the facts to people. Every time I do this well, I see a smile on Teacher's face in his picture. When I don't do things well, Teacher looks very serious. I feel so guilty that I sometimes don't even dare to look at Teacher's picture. I feel so ashamed of myself. Why do I make Teacher worry about me?

I came to realize that my fundamental attachment is fear. By studying the Fa, I had less and less fear. I truly now feel the urgency of saving people. When I go out to talk to people, I'm able to calmly face those that do not understand me. I realize that they are lost in delusions of everyday society.

One day when I was clarifying the truth to someone, I told him a story that I read on the Clearwisdom website. It talked about a practitioner. Though she had to stay away from home to avoid near certain arrest, she would still talk to people she encountered in public every day. It was bitterly cold that winter. Once she talked to people from morning to night without eating anything. Just think about it, she must have been very cold and hungry. What suffering! She only cared about other people and she only wanted to save more people. What a magnificent Falun Dafa disciple she was! I couldn't hold my tears any more. I was so touched by the fellow practitioner's realm. The person I told the story too was also moved to tears. Eventually, his whole family renounced their pledges to the CCP and its affiliates.

I am sharing here today my experiences so we can encourage each other. To save more sentient beings, let's drive out attachments and strive forward diligently.